Appreciation Letter to ACLS President, Ab Caram

So what does one do when you’re right seat piloting an Audi RS5 that picks up road debris in it’s rear driver’s side tire at 05:20 am, still hours until sunrise in industrial Dallas and your husband and AudiClub teammate is out of town?  Well I prayed, kept breathing, stayed calm, and believed my angels would provide safe assistance – and they did absolutely.

While maintaining composure, the RS5 was slowed and driving continued slowly to arrive at the lot at my work near beautiful Bachman Lake at Love Field in Dallas where I a found a curbside parking spot, a flashlight, and began to apply myself to full assessment of the situation. Thankfully, despite considerable loss of air, the Michelin Pilot 4S maintained just enough air and structure to protect the rim. I reported tire status to my husband and AudiClub Lonestar member, Scott Lacen, who contacted our AudiClub Lonestar President, next-door neighbor, dear friend, and brother, Ab Caram, who for many reasons is the kindest, best, most willing and able to answer the RS5’s distress call for technical assistance with high attention to performance automotive details.

Our two Audis are workhorses wearing inconspicuous bras. Our second is an 4.0 V8 twin turbo S7, however, our RS5 is the naturally aspirated 4.2-liter V-8 slightly modified to pump out 485 horsepower, 358 ft. lbs. torque, and a 0-to-60 mph time of 3.8 seconds. It’s spareless to allow the Audi RS5’s tech quality and performance to be swift and assured.

Scott quickly collaborated with Ab to facilitate the collection of a spare wheel and tire from our home garage, load it in Ab’s awesome Audi TTRS, and quickly, quietly, safely navigate DFW’s newly reconstructed DFW 183 expressway into Dallas to perform an accurate, technically precise, swift and covert, Audi quality shoe change in July heat.

I cleared Ab into the high security parking lot at my work. Ab parked the TTRS, agreed with my assessment, unloaded the spare wheel and with cat burgler-like agility fully applied himself to ultra quick, stealth, task performance which was complete in well under 10 minutes. Spectacular Audi Quality Tech service that caused a smile!  What more could be asked from your AudiClub Lonestar President?

We are truly grateful, thankful, and blessed to know the true value of having such a dear friend, and precious faithful neighbor and brother, Ab Caram, as our AudiClub Lonestar President.

Then to enjoy the immeasurable blessing of two steadfast Audis is simply humbling in a very good way. Both Ab and Audi are clear examples of what being the best, finest, most steadfast provider of absolute assurance, reliability, and quality looks like; and that’s truly priceless.

Many grateful thanks, appreciation, and cheers Ab Caram!
Cheers Audi! Cheers AudiClub Lonestar!