Audi Grapevine hosts Club Car Show

Audi Grapevine, located in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, graciously hosted Audi Club Lone Star’s first club car show on June 22nd.  Club members and participating Audi fans were offered premier covered parking to shade from the summer sun. Members and visitors alike were presented with generous swag bags filled with gifts including caps, water bottles, and shirts! If that wasn’t already enough, the dealership also offered a delicious cookout lunch, cold drinks and great desserts to top off a great day.

Our host, Benson Chanthirath, braved the day’s heat and the grill to serve up some of the best burgers and hot dogs anyone could hope for.  When asked why he was so willing to make everyone club members so welcomed, he replied, “Audi Grapevine is excited to be a friend of the Audi Club community and wants all Audi fans to know they have a dealership that values them, their cars, and their passion for Audi!”.

With over 40 amazing Audi’s and countless members and guests, the event was a great success.  Plus, the Audi Driving Experience R8 fleet added to the great display of horsepower and mechanical beauty.  Benson, Service Director at Audi Grapevine, is so excited about the relationship with Audi Club Lone Star that he has already invited the club back for another car show event in the fall.