LEGO Find of the Day: Auto Union Type C Racecar

words: Bill, photos: user redera00 via LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas is a place where LEGO model builders present their ideas to be voted on (or supported) by LEGO Ideas members. Once they get to 10,000 votes, their creation will be reviewed by LEGO. Last year, LEGO labeled this model as a Staff Pick and there is no wonder why.

What you see here is an Auto Union Type C racer configured as a hill climber. The Auto Union Type C had a supercharged V16 where spinning its wheels at over 100mph was not uncommon.

Redera00 has painstakingly recreated this engine out of LEGO bricks along with every other part of this car. The highly-detailed model has removable panels to showcase not only the engine but all the technical component. The cockpit looks as if you could climb into it and fire up that V16.

At 50cm (19.6 inches) long, it’s not a small model (1:8 scale). Currently, this Auto Union model has 4,839 supporters. As mentioned earlier, he needs 10,000 to have LEGO review it. Even then, this model may not be chosen for production but if all our members vote for this, it’ll push him way over the limit and maybe…just maybe, we’ll see it in the store in the future.

Log in HERE to support this Auto Union Type C. I bet it’ll look fantastic next to your LEGO Audi Sport quattro, LEGO Audi R18 e-tron quattro, and your LEGO Audi R8 LMS.