Lamborghini Esperienza Giro China Sets a New Mileage Record

source: Automobili Lamborghini

  • The “Journey of Reawakening” brings Chinese customers through an exclusive and unexpected brand experience

The 2022 Lamborghini Esperienza Giro China themed “Journey of Reawakening” brought participants on an unparalleled expedition from Yangshuo to the border town of Chongzuo. This year’s trip marks the longest Giro China ever, setting a new record as participants traveled for more than 1,100 kilometers in total, reawakening everyone’s senses with each day’s refreshing routes amidst glorious mountain views and long expanses of green fields.

“For the eighth consecutive year of Lamborghini Esperienza Giro China, we set a new mileage record with a 1,100-kilometer journey.” said Konstantin Sychev, Managing Director of Automobili Lamborghini Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong & Macao. “As the brand’s iconic annual event, it brings Chinese customers extraordinary driving passion and lifestyle experience as we drive through China’s spectacular landscapes.”

During the five-day journey, a fleet of 40 Lamborghini super sports cars and super SUVs departed from Yangshuo driving through an immersive karst scenario that radiate the unparallel Chinese charm till arriving at Chongzuo, a paradise located at the southwest border.

A perfect fusion between nature and modernity where the guests fully enjoyed an unexpected Italian experience. At the top of karst rocks, they undertook Italian via Ferrata climbing, taking brave steps and fully embracing the pure Italian spirit of adventure. Traveling amid different terrain and road conditions on and off-road, they immersed themselves in the most authentic Lamborghini driving pleasure.

Deep into Chongzuo, the super SUV Urus demonstrated strong off-road capabilities as it weaved its way through distinctive sugarcane plantations. In Terra mode, the Urus’s active torque vectoring allowed pilots to navigate slippery mud with no hesitation, perfectly interpreting the Urus’ brave spirit and its ability to conquer any ground.

As the most track-focused model in the Huracán line-up, this year, the Huracán STO joined Lamborghini Esperienza Giro China for the first time, adding a distinguished presence to the fleet. The Huracán STO has achieved remarkable success in China and become an exceptional choice for Chinese consumers pursuing the racing experience in daily life.