Jon Olsson’s New Audi RS 6 Avant Revealed

Pro skier and Gumball Rally-ist Jon Olsson has a long history with the Audi brand. His extreme car builds, including several RS 6 Avant in the past, tend to get the Swede plenty of attention both on the web including social media, and also in person wherever he and his activities take him. What you see here is his latest creation, based on the all-new RS 6 Avant.

We’d been aware Jon was moving on a new RS 6 build for a little while now. He’d teased it on the web, as had his livery designer Sean Bull Design. Wrapped similarly to the liveries on Audi’s e-tron test mules, we even wondered whether the car might have some sort of electrification in a piece over on our own e-tron connect blog.

Turns out the letters we’d seen say quattro, so while we’re lacking full spec on the car just yet, we’re guessing it’s more of an extreme build on the latest RS 6 than something augmented with electrics as ABT Sportsline did last year with the old RS 6.

This car doesn’t seem to use any ABT involvement unlike a previous RS 6 of Olsson’s. As it turns out, this car is built by Stertman Motorsport AB, who’s also built some cars for Olsson in the past. The photos you see here came via a post on Stertman’s Facebook page HERE, and are reposted with their permission.

What we know of the car comes from their post, and that largely centers around development partners including Miltek Sport (exhaust), WrapZone (wrap), Brixton Forged (wheels), Sean Bull Design (livery design), Cest Normal, Bifrost Automotive, Bauhaus Sverige, Continental Sweden (tires) and Band Hagensdack in addition to Sterman Motorsport.

Look for more details as soon as they come available.