Jon Olsson’s Latest Ride an RS 6 Avant with e-tron Livery

Jon Olsson’s claims to fame are diverse. On Instagram, the Swede refers to himself as “Youtuber, Skier, Entrepreneur and World Traveler”. Around Audi focused blogs, we know him also as a Gumball Rally-ist extraordinaire with a penchant for things four ringed.

Olsson’s former mix of cars have ranged from the literal like camo-liveried and roof-boxed R8, or Audi-powered Rebellion racer to wide-bodied DTM-inspired 1-of-a-kind RS 6 Avant that was made infamous in its own right when it was stolen and torched.

Apparently, Olsson is ready to reveal his latest build and has begun teasing it on Instagram. As you can see from the image shared, it appears to be an A6 Avant (maybe RS 6), and with a trick “e-tron” text themed livery.

As Olsson mentions, the livery is the work of Sean Bull Design. Sean Bull is a livery designer by trade, known for his work with Renault F1, Dragon Formula E and Red Bull, the designer appears inspired by Audi’s own e-tron test mule liveries in his work for Olsson’s new build. Also cool, he’s gone ahead and posted his own teaser ton Instagram.

So what can we glean from this? For starters, though you can’t see the full word e-tron, you can see enough to see that’s what it says. We also can see, in particular from Sean Bull’s post, that it’s a new RS 6 Avant with a turbo fan wheel design on it. The turbo fans, better seen in Olsson’s post, are also emblazoned with the word ‘quattro’.

We can do some more math based on what we know of Olsson’s previous partner. After the aforementioned one-of-a-kind widebody RS 6 Avant was destroyed by fire, Olsson next went to Abt Sportsline for a custom RS 6 Avant with their RS 6-R treatment. While that car wasn’t an e-tron in any way, it also wore similar turbo fan wheels with similar paint scheme to turbo fans used by the Audi FE05 Formula E racer. Here’s a shot of that car, along with Olsson and Audi Formula E driver and Abt family member Daniel Abt.

If we go down the rabbit hole further, it’s worth mentioning that Daniel Abt isn’t the only tie ABT Sportsline has with the e-tron side of the Audi brand. Not long ago, ABT built and experimental RS 6-E prototype. Like Olsson’s previous car, the RS 6-E was built on the previous C7 generation RS 6 and featured 1,018-hp from its hybrid RS 6 and electric drivetrain. You can read more on that car HERE.

Okay, so here’s the point we jump to conclusions. The high visibility influencer and Gumball Rallyist Jon Olsson is building another RS 6 Avant with an e-tron livery and he’s got a history of working with ABT Sportsline who’s already built one RS 6 hybrid. If we do the math, we think we see where this leads. We certainly hope it leads that way.

Obviously, if we hear of anything more, we’ll go ahead and post it. Until then, we’ll just keep dreaming of hybrid versions of the new Audi RS 6. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve dreamt of such a thing.

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