Innovation Leap in Logistics: Audi Develops First Supermarket 2.0 for the Automotive Industry

source: Audi of America

  • Goods-to-person principle implemented in series production for the first time in the industry
  • Board Member for Production Peter Kössler: “Supermarket 2.0 and Audi Fleet Manager mark important milestones for smart logistics of the future”
  • Software enables use of different AGVs in the same area in the future

The Audi plants have been using automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for many years. These vehicles assist in supermarkets – logistics areas where employees pre-pick components in the correct sequence. The company is reversing the sequencing principle for the first time in Supermarket 2.0. Here goods come to the employee rather than the other way around. This is all made possible thanks to innovative control software developed by Audi experts together with Ingolstadt-based start-up arculus.