Audi Club Members: COVID-19 Guidelines

Dear Audi Club Members,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to change, Audi Club continues to monitor the situation and do its best to balance the safety of its members and the joy club activities bring. As you may know, chapters are again planning great events for members, and Audi Club has provided chapter leaders with some new guidelines for holding these events, which include precautions to protect the health and wellness of the membership throughout these challenging and ever-changing times. 

The Audi Club Board of Directors thanks the assistance given by the Performance Driver Education Committee, Policy and Procedure Committee and other very active chapter leaders to arrive at these guidelines. With the dynamic nature of this pandemic and thousands of jurisdictions to address, these guidelines do not address every nuance you’ll encounter. In cases where a local nuance is not addressed, the board, central office, and corresponding committees are here to assist you. These guidelines are based on continual guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Health Canada, World Health Organization, national, state and local laws, as well as our insurance carriers, and may be updated at any time with written notice to chapter leaders.

For more information, please contact your chapter leadership or email the Audi Club Director of Marketing & Events, Bill Cho @ [email protected] or click HERE to read the detailed COVID-19 Era Event Guidelines.

We will get through these days and rest assure, Audi Club chapters and members will enjoy safe, fun, and memorable events. Stay safe.