Have You Bought an Audi Club Holiday Gift Box Yet? You Could Also Win a Surprise Box From Audi Collection!

What is better than getting an Audi Club exclusive holiday gift box? How about a mystery Audi collection USA gift box?

While we (obviously) know what is in the Audi Club exclusive box, we do not know what’s in the three gift boxes Audi collection USA sent us but they wanted to get into the action.

They did tell us that it is winter themed and not a sized item (i.e.- a shirt). Ooooo…mystery.

As you can see from the Instagram post above, our gift boxes are filled with Audi delights such as the Audi Club exclusive ornament and Audi Sport headband. We will be picking three lucky people who bought Audi Club holiday gift boxes on January 1, 2022 and mail them out. You too need to get in on the action!

You can order the Audi Club exclusive Holiday Gift Box HERE or call Bill at 262-567-5476 x103 from 9am – 5pm Eastern. Happy Holidays!