Audi Club exclusive – 2021 Holiday Gift Box

Last year’s Holiday Sale was a success, so we decided to do it again. We are offering a very Audi exclusive Membership Gift Box this year…how exclusive? Some Audi gear included was made specifically for this Audi Club kit, and quantities are limited.

Audi Club worked with Audi collection to get a couple of items exclusively for Audi Club. First on the list is a Audi Club Holiday Ornament. This shatter resistant bulb has the classic Audi logo on one side and a stylized profile red Sport quattro on the other with quattro season’s greeting imprinted. The ornament was inspired by one offered by Audi Tradition in Germany, and the box itself also has an inscription that says Happy Holidays from Audi Club. 

The second Audi Club exclusive piece is the classic Audi Sport headband. This is a modern reproduction of the one worn by Audi Sport team members such as Michéle Mouton and Stig Blomqvist during the rallying era.  Sourced from Audi collection, these were produced exclusively for Audi Club. Wear one of these and you can feel like you are conquering Pikes Peak…while doing yard work.

Next is a stainless steel Audi Sport Remi Tumbler. This 9-oz. mini tumbler keeps drinks at the right temperature. It’s double-walled and vacuum insulated for optimal temperature retention. The Audi Sport Rhombus art and Audi Sport logo are imprinted in red on a matte black background. It fits in the cupholder of your Audi giving your interior a sporty feel and you a tasty beverage.

The next item is the Audi Sport “Secure Before Launch” keychain. Embroidered with “Audi Sport” on one side and “SECURE BEFORE LAUNCH” on the other, this keychain will help you keep track of your keys on the road, track, and around the house. Make your keys feel as sporty as your Audi, or hang on your backpack zipper for additional flair.

Also included are decals of two iconic Audis. The Audi quattro is instantly recognizable as a historic vehicle that turned the world on its head. The Nogaro Blue Audi RS 6 Avant RS Tribute edition represents the best of what Audi has to offer today and is an instant modern classic. Both of these decals are debuting here with this kit, and both are die cut stickers with the quattro being 5.95″ x 1.91″ and the RS 6 Avant 7″ x 2.29″. These would look cool on your roof box, toolbox, or laptop.

The last items are from our standard Audi Club member kit that includes two Audi Club “Rings Club” decals, a 1-year membership (can be used for a new membership or renewal), and a membership card featuring the “unfair advantage” Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO. If you are a current member, the 1 year will be added to extend your current membership for another year.

All of these equal to a fantastic gift for yourself or a lucky recipient although I have a feeling many of these will end up on your desk.

Holiday Disclaimer: The Holiday Ornaments sourced for this package is expected to arrive at our offices the week of December 13-17. Audi Club will make every effort to process orders the moment the bulbs arrive. Given the challenge of shipping and logistics this year, please be advised that it is possible the kit will not arrive by Christmas. We will share status with the membership when the orders begin to ship from our office. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

To order these Audi Club exclusive Gift boxes:

  • Go to our JOIN page (if you are a current member, click Renew and follow the instructions there)
  • Click JOIN NOW and then USA or International if you reside in Canada
  • Choose the ONE YEAR box in Membership Level
  • Fill out the Member Information fields. Please include a phone number and email address
  • Press the “Create New Account” button
  • Under DISCOUNT COUPON, enter the following code (all caps) – GIFTBOX
    • You may encounter a prompt forcing you to add a first and last name so if you are not including a family member (an additional $10), please use NONE as the first and last name. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The price of the Audi Club exclusive Gift Box is $99 plus $10 shipping. Like last year, we anticipate these gift boxes will go very quickly so don’t wait! Due to the supply chain snafu, we have not received the Audi Club ornaments yet but anticipate them shipping to the office in a couple of weeks. We will make sure we get the gift boxes out as soon as they come in. Happy Holidays from Audi Club North America.