Four Rings Launch Online Sales of New Cars with Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition

source: Audi AG

  • Pilot project involving dealerships
  • Exclusive special edition limited to 99 units
  • Individual delivery and digital live consultation available

Audi takes e-commerce to the next level. Beginning June 5, 2019, consumers will be able to purchase new cars directly online. The first model to be sold exclusively over this sales channel is the Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition*. Customers can also inquire digitally and without obligation about leasing or financing and have the exclusively equipped, limited-edition model delivered anywhere in Germany. Audi dealerships are an important element of this initial pilot project for online direct sales.

After the successful launch of Audi’s proprietary platform for used car sales in fall 2017, the four rings brand is now starting digital sales of new cars. At, customers can for the first time ever directly purchase a model available exclusively online. “We are garnering experience and learning a lot about user and buyer structures through this pilot project,” said Martin Sander, Vice President Global Marketing and Sales.