Audi Club Kansas City and Molle Audi Celebrate quattro de Mayo

words/photos: Armen Budagov

2019 became the first year for quattro de Mayo to be celebrated in Kansas City. Audi Club Kansas City together with Molle Audi of Kansas City hosted the celebration of quattro de Mayo and Audi enthusiasts from all over Kansas and Missouri joined us in celebrating our passion for the brand.

For the guests our event began at 11:30AM, but for Club Admins and Dealership Employees the day started much earlier. A lot of preparation and hard work went in to making sure the event went smoothly and that it was fun for the guests.

The night before the event we had a vehicle transport bring in a very special 1974 Audi 100GL; the only one in the Kansas City area! This car was a true survivor and was discovered by its current owner on the property he purchased. The vehicle was transferred to the quattro event from German Imports Specialists in North Kansas City where it is being prepared to get back on the road.

One of the most exciting displays at the event was brought by Hap Maguire, a local Audi enthusiasts, owner of multiple Quattros, and long term ACNA member. Hap displayed possibly the most highly modified urS4 in the United States! This car produces over 1000HP and was purchased by him brand new back in 1993.

Another display prepared by the club was a full line up of Audi A4’s parked in chronological order from oldest to newest ranging from the early 1970’s to the most current model. Looking at all of these cars made you quickly realize how Audi manages to keep it’s DNA and understated yet sophisticated style from generation to generation.

Great car events are not possible without local enthusiasts and this one was no exception! An entire lot at the dealership was even turned in to a turf for Cars & Coffee. Luckily for us, the weather could not have been better. It was sunny and temperatures were in low 70s  so parking spaces quickly started filling up with rare, classic, custom, and performance cars. Their proud owners mingled with spectators as they walked around to admire each other vehicles and share stories. It is always amazing to see how the love for these cars brings people together. The family atmosphere and special energy of the event made quattro de Mayo another success and we are going to continue to host this tradition in Kansas City.

We want to thank ACNA Kansas City Chapter Admins (Shon Hall, Kelly King, Armen Budagov, Jake Lauck, Dennis Huang, and others) and Molle Audi of Kansas City employees and owners for all their assistance in organizing the event. We would also like to extend a special thank you to ACNA Member, Kansas City Chapter Admin and local gourmet chef, Brendan Talbert for the delicious food.