FOTD: New Nogaro Blue Audi RS 6 performance?!?

We’re not sure how it happens, but it happens. A dealership orders an incredible car, clearly with plenty of thought and care including special Audi exclusive paint, and then it gets listed on car listing sites without any mention of the color, but an AI assistant at least mentions “A turbocharger is also included as an economical means of increasing performance.”

Glass half full, the disconnect that appears to have happened here is all the more reason some of the cars that run through our Find of the Day series are like a real life Hot Wheels Treasuer Hunt. Certainly a brand new and apparently Nogaro Blue 2024 RS 6 performance qualifies as a treasure.

Here’s the thing about Nogaro Blue RS 6 Avants. Audi of America only built 25 of them, and rumor suggests by those tracking them that only 23 may still be on the road. Shortly after building those 25 they blocked the color from the RS 6 model. Some rumors suggest one more may have squeaked through in 2021, and also that the color reopened this year for a brief period. We’ve not had a chance to verify any of those claims, but there is no doubt that a Nogaro Blue RS 6 Avant is a treasure, while a new one in tasteful RS 6 performance spec… that’s worthy of a golf clap for the dealership – Audi West Houston.

Those who know the 25 “Tributes” know that they had Audi exclusive blue stitching inside, making them highly unique as most won’t go through the trouble of ordering these options that would be most costly on their own. Nowadays though, there is the Blue RS Design Package Plus featuring blue contrast stitching, an Alcantara steering wheel, shifter & center console, carbon twill inlays with blue accents woven in. Photos also show blue seatbelts. The net effect is all incredibly tasteful on the RS 6 performance.

Worth noting, we’re not 100% sure this is Nogaro Blue. Looking at the photos it’s hard to imagine it is anything but, however we have not yet been able to confirm the color as it’s listed simply as “Audi Special Paint”. If you find out, let us know. And, if you buy it, rest easy in knowing you have one of the most sought-after spec RS 6 Avant specimens in North America.

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