Audi Club Florida Newsletter June 2021

Audi Club Florida Newsletter

June 2021

Photo Credit:  Connor Tiemann


The Emerald Coast Region continues car-focused activities this month under the leadership of Bobby Hopp and Melisa Wilcox. The Platinum Coast continues to have events in the Naples and Fort Myers area. The Gulf Coast continues to meet at Reeves Motorsports on the first Saturday of the month. The Gold Coast will hopefully be resuming in the next month or two.


FixxFest will be happening this year.
When – Nov 20th, 2021
Where – Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park (The FIRM) Starke, FL.

It is the same great event, but with an exciting new location. Many of you are aware of the location. UroTuning is hoping to draw even more show competition from neighboring states as well people who want have fun at the track. More details will given as they are “firmed up”.

In the meantime, continue to organize activities with your Audi owning friends and enjoy your wheels. Have some social interaction, following the state and local guidelines when in public and in private. Protect yourself.

Our priority is keeping you safe when participating in events representing or promoting the club. Audi Club Florida is not willing to put anyone at risk. While welcomed to these venues, remember we are guests of the establishment or promoter and respect the rules. ACFL recommends obeying the most up to date guidelines and orders issued by the regions and governor concerning events.

ACFL still suggests using an antibacterial wipe, a disposable protective glove, a plastic t-shirt bag, or a dog poop bag as a barrier while using the fuel pumps to avoid potential exposure and dispose of it after fueling. Be careful out there and protect your health. #FlattenTheCurve

ACNA Vehicle Purchase Discount Certificates

For those of you planning to buy a new Audi and utilizing the ACNA Member discount, contact the front office at (262) 567-5476 x103 or email [email protected] as soon as you plan to shop. The certificates expire at the end of the month issued, so should negotiations lapse into the next month, you will need to request a new one to take advantage of the savings.

But then there is more…..

There are many reasons for joining ACNA; clearly, the camaraderie of fellow Four Ring owners are primary. Then, of course, there is the magazine and the discounts on new cars, their service, and parts. In addition, there is also the opportunity for involvement and participation in the club at the regional, state, and national levels. As some of you know on the state level in the past this has ranged from not only parade laps at Sebring and Daytona to drives to Key West, national-level conventions, Winter Driving Experiences at Seefeld, and even a Drive durch Deutschland several summers back. The final ring on the national level is on a committee or as a BoD member and is an entirely new world, involving budgets, planning, personalities, and a whole slew of things. It is certainly easier to keep one’s life simple and not get involved on the national level by even bothering to read the BoD meeting minutes. But they are not only enlightening but will give you a glimpse of what goes into the making of the sausage. Remember this is your club, it is your dues that make it run on a national level, and you should and do have a voice in how it runs.

On another note, many of you over the years have had contact with Sally S. who was the last of the old guard to depart the ACNA head office. I must say she was always helpful anytime I called asking for a form or help with my membership, or club matters. I am sure many of you have had similar experiences. Personally, I feel bad that neither I, nor the ACFL, had a chance to say goodbye and thank her for the many years of service. She deserved that much.

And now for the results of our recent little survey

We were trying to determine how many of you had purchased new Audis or were responsible for the purchase of new Audis during the last four model years. It was an attempt to quantify that the club members as a group actually do have some value to AoA, provide the ACNA with some empirical data to use in their negotiations, and to hopefully stem the general trend of declining financial support to the ACNA as has been the status relayed to chapter leadership at our monthly meetings. The ultimate end game here is to forestall the need for a possible review of future increases in our annual dues structure.

Over 3.5% of our membership responded, which we are not sure is good or bad. Perhaps not that many purchased new Audis during that period. There should also have been a question if any of you had purchased a preowned Audi during that period. Another question that was not asked is how often members’ cycle through their Audis, every three, four, or five or more years. We missed those who cycle through their Audis every five years by only doing a four-year spread. There were a total of 17 new vehicles purchased between the 18 and 21 model years. Two reporting members purchased two new vehicles during that time. One an 18 RS 5 and a 21 allroad and a second member purchased two 21 A5’s one of which was a RS 5. Both individuals continue to own both vehicles.

Of the 17 vehicles purchased, six were RS models consisting of 2 RS 6’s and 4 RS 5’s. Interestingly no 2020 Audis were purchased. Just about everyone who responded not only gave us their information for the years requested including VIN numbers, we have since deleted the VIN info and also their history of owned Audis, thank you.

ACNA may now be starting to collect information on cars purchased by members but because there never was and continues to be no discount for RS models that was and is being 100% overlooked. 35.2% of the cars reported (6) purchased by ACFL members were missed and that is a large part of our reporting membership’s cars purchased.

Some recall when Roger L. who is presently the ACNA VP was running for the BoD and this was in the days of Kundenbegeisterung (literally customer/partner enlightenment), he ran basically on a platform that the club should be working for the members. 64.7% of the total vehicles reported were RS or S models; it would appear that there is a significant bent toward those models by the ACFL membership and perhaps the ACNA should lean in that direction as a reflection of its membership. Personally, we believe he was and is 100% on target and with that high of a percentage; the entire fossil fuel motorsport question has arisen again. Audi AG seems to have taken note, with the return to LeMans. Who knows, perhaps factory fossil fuel cars at Daytona, Sebring, and Oh! Corrals again? Ah, the smell of Castrol oil, whiffs of fossil fuel instead of ozone from arcing electric motors, one can only dream. Andy Sattler, take note, perhaps the ACFL needs to get something going again.

17.6% were A6 Long Roof iterations, 2 RS’s, and an allroad meanwhile less than a third were SUVs (Q’s) and 58.8% coupes or sportbacks (A5, S5, RS 5, & a TT). There were no A4 allroads reported purchased.

Zero e-tron models were purchased. With all of the incentives both from Audi and the government, one would have thought there might have been at least one electric out there. There June have been but no one responded. Personally, the range is the elephant in the room. The models certainly look sharp and seem to accelerate on a par with S models.

Our survey went out to over 1200 email addresses. Two individuals were responsible for purchasing two new Audi vehicles during the 2018-21 survey period and currently own both of them. Not sure how reflective the general economy is upon club members as a sub-group of Audi buyers.

Received responses from ACNA members only and used 450 as the average membership during the period of 2018-2021.

No new Audis purchased in 2020 of Model years surveyed 2018-2021

Low level of response, also possibly due to not wanting to share information due to potential hacking of ACNA/ACFL email accounts or not caring about membership dues increase are two additional thoughts on the response figures.

It is interesting that those who responded not only gave VINs but dealerships and total lifetime Audi purchases. The survey, offered in two newsletters, ran for 60 days.

This business of counting family members throws off the actual per capita membership, one person, one full paid individual membership, one vote, and per capita car ownership. Many respondents own more than one Audi. I will let national figure that one out for total memberships. That is beyond my pay grade. It is sort of like the 3/5ths rule in the US Constitution after our original Articles of Confederation when there was also not equal representation of the census in the US.

Expanding the numbers and percentages for the total club with 10,000 plus members June be an interesting exercise or better yet refining and running the survey with some additional questions to cover those who did not purchase new vehicles during that period, expanding the period and those who purchased preowned ones.

Model iteration and break down by number.

RS 5 4, RS 6 2, S5 2, SQ8 1, A5 2, Q7 1, Q5 2, SQ7 1, A6 allroad 1, TTS 1 for a total of 17 vehicles.

In conclusion, club members purchase Audis we knew that to start. The small sampling averages out at a rate of 3.5% to 4% per 100 members per year purchase new Audis. Is that a significant number, who knows but it certainly warrants further research? Thanks to all who participated and yes we remain the brand’s best spokespersons and as best as we could figure out all of those were repeat purchases. Once again as a group, we are generally very loyal to the brand.

Cheers and Safe Motoring

Bob Greving, Treasurer, ACFL & BoD Member

Gerry Simms, President, ACFL & BoD Member

We are trying to expand regional coverage but need your help!

Audi Club of Florida has the most active regions of any chapter in the Audi Club North America. As we continue this year, we are currently looking for leadership in the following area:

Gator Region – Gainesville Area

Thomas Brinkmann, the General Manager, of Audi Gainesville is ready to work with a representative to establish the region. If you are up to the challenge, let me know.

Many people have emailed me personally and through the national office to find out why there is not something in their area. I tell them assistance is required to help get things going locally. We desire to unite the state and have events within an hour’s drive of your location, at least quarterly. We are looking for some people who have the ambition to lead and desire to start something long term, helping arrange places to meet for lunch, activities, attend local car shows and coffee events, and other social activities. If you would like to volunteer and help organize a successful regional club, please contact me for details, and we will discuss making it happen. If you want to get active to help your region with ideas and help assist with and organize events, the regional leadership and I would love to have your help. This club is for you, so help us make it work for you.

Gerry Simms
President and BoD Member
[email protected]

Audi Club Florida has its own Audi Club RS 6 Avant Sweepstakes page!

If we reach a certain dollar amount on our page, we get an Audi Club Florida 10×10 tent from EZ-UP. If we double that amount, we get either two 10×10 tents or one 10×20 tent! So please help us while you help yourself to potentially winning an Audi exclusive RS 6 Avant!

The prize in Audi Club’s sweepstakes is a 2022 Audi RS 6 Avant with Audi exclusive paint. The winner will select a 2022 Audi RS 6 Avant base model and special Audi exclusive gloss paint finish of their choice from Audi USA order guide. The prize will also include Audi Beam lights, all-weather mats (RS 6 branded) and trunk liner from Audi Accessories, roof rack and Vector cargo box from Thule, detailing kit from Griot’s Garage, and camping gear including tent, sleeping bags (2 each), duffel bag and backpack from Mountain Hardwear.**

Enter HERE

*** Photos may show options not available in North America or optional equipment available at extra cost to the winner


Chapter Regional Reports

First Coast Region- Jacksonville

June Sales, Deals, and Incentives, at our Prestige Partner!
Come check out our array of exotic cars with our Hanania Exotic Collection, the 2021 R8’s have arrived! We have one left!


You can now order 2022 Audi R8’s, this is the last year and there will be a farewell rear wheel drive performance edition!

e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT are now available for order. Market premium may apply.

If you prefer to shop from home, we are offering free delivery. Shop online, and then contact us via phone or our website to arrange delivery of the vehicle and paperwork to your home. We also have an online marketplace now. You can buy your car almost entirely online.
Need your car serviced? We are waiving our service at your doorstep fee and offering free vehicle pickup and delivery! The minimum service charge will be waived, during the Coronavirus epidemic.

June Audi Club Special

Some specials for the month for our Audi club members!
0.99% financing available on A4, S4, A7, A8, S8, A6, S6 Available for a short period of time!

2021 A4 Sedan 40 Premium quattro
$343 per month 36 Months $3,737 Due at Signing
Excludes tax, title, license, options and dealer fees. $0 security deposit. For highly qualified customers through Audi Financial Services. Offer valid through 06/30/2021 Lease Offer

2021 A6 Sedan 45 Premium quattro
$436 per month 36 Months $5,330 Due at Signing
Excludes tax, title, license, options and dealer fees. $0 security deposit. For highly qualified customers through Audi Financial Services. Offer valid through 06/30/2021 Lease Offer

2021 A5 Sportback 45 Premium quattro
$481 per month 36 Months $4,875 Due at Signing
Excludes tax, title, license, options and dealer fees. $0 security deposit. For highly qualified customers through Audi Financial Services. Offer valid through 06/30/2021 Lease Offer

2021 Q5 SUV 45 Premium All-wheel Drive
$469 per month 36 Months $4,863 Due at Signing
Excludes tax, title, license, options and dealer fees. $0 security deposit. For highly qualified customers through Audi Financial Services. Offer valid through 06/30/2021 Lease Offer

First Coast Region

No official scheduled activity.


First Coast Region (Jacksonville)
Leslie de la Serna First Coast Region Lead
[email protected]

Gulf Coast Region June Report

June Specials at our Prestige Partner, Audi Clearwater

If you are in the market for a New or Pre-Owned Audi, contact George Rangelov at 727-906-1101 directly and he will get you set up, he is aware of the ACNA club discounts and is our ACFL-Audi Brand specialist at Crown Audi. They are presently offering 0.99% APR financing on select 2021 models with approved credit. The new e-tron GT is ready for order and George can get you on the list.

During this period of high interest and demand for specific Audi RS performance models and their iterations, unfortunately, some of our members have experienced Packs and Market Adjustments added to the MSRP by their local dealerships.

Audi Clearwater has always maintained a policy of not implementing such pricing policies and practices for ACNA/ACFL members. If seriously interested in one of these cars and you are an active ACNA/ACFL member reach out to George at [email protected] for additional information on ordering these vehicles.

Many of you are not taking advantage of Audi Clearwater’s offering of a 15% discount to all readers of this newsletter on Parts and Service for your Audis. You need not have purchased your Audi at Audi Clearwater to receive this discount. If you are traveling to the Sunshine State and are a reader of the ACFL Newsletter you can also use this discount should you need service for your Audi while you are on the road.

The above discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers but is available and all that is required is that when you are writing up your service order that you mention the ACFL newsletter discount and the code 0621 for June to your service Mandy. It is that simple to start saving money on needed parts and service.

Audi Clearwater is located at 18940 US Highway 19 N; Clearwater FL. 33764, their main numbers is 727 312 1220 and ask for Mandy Walter to schedule your service. Tell her the ACFL newsletter has sent you.

Down the Road

Cars and Coffee Reeves Motorsports, June 5th. Cars usually start arriving by 6:30 and the event ends around 8:00-8:30 Reeves Motorsports is located at 11333 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33612.

Cheers and Safe Motoring
Bob Greving
[email protected]

Emerald Coast Region – Panhandle

Emerald Coast Region ACFL started out May with gorgeous weather for our appearance to Mobile Bay’s C&C that did not disappoint. Later in the month we had a great presence at Pensacola’s C&C and shared a huge AudiFam brunch at one of our favorite Bistros.

We are all really happy to see some familiar faces getting back out again. We closed out the month with a photo shoot with one of our favorite local photographers Gabe Lucero @hardparkdmedia and a pop-up Memorial Day Cruise.

June events:
– 6/6 Crestview C&C 9am at The Crestview Community Center, 1445 Commerce Drive Crestview, Fl
– 6/19 Destin Show and Shine 9am-12pm at Destin Hooter’s, 15015 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Destin, Fl
– 6/19 Show n’ Go 4-11pm Emerald Coast Dragway, Holt, Fl
– 6/26 Pensacola C&C 9-11am 5007 N Davis Hwy, Pensacola, Fl

Plans are in the works for another ECR Photoshoot. Stay tuned.
All events are posted on our FaceBook page. Keep checking in for updates.
Make sure to follow us on Instagram @emeraldcoastaudiclub.

Melisa Wilcox
Emerald Coast Region Lead and ACFL BoD member
[email protected]

Bobby Hopp
Emerald Coast Region Lead and ACFL BoD Member
[email protected]

Platinum Coast Region (Sarasota to Naples)

Last month found us in the northern most corner of our region in Sarasota at The Elite Motor Works to enjoy Cars and Coffee with Jamie Caldwell proprietor and chief mechanic. We enjoyed the comfy atmosphere of his shop’s lounge while we munched and socialized with several first timers from the Sarasota area. Jamie gave us a great presentation from the mechanic’s point of view of what to expect in the near future in the world of German cars — electric and fossil fueled. He has over 350,000 followers on TikTok and around 1,000 subscribers on YouTube so is very comfortable fielding any and all questions on whatever topic you want to discuss.

He even bought himself a Tesla (his “guinea pig”) to get ahead of the curve on all things in the electric car world. We left Jamie to cruise over to Siesta Key and enjoyed a delightful lunch at the southern part of the key at Turtles restaurant across from Turtle Beach. We all agreed we need to return to Jamie’s garage during our next event cycle in a hopefully pandemic-free 2022!

We are looking forward to doing a Drive and Dine event in the middle of our region next month (Saturday, June 19th at Ponce de Leon Park in Punta Gorda) and then the southern part of the region at the end of summer—date: August 21st; place: TBD. If you haven’t joined us yet, please reach out—we look forward to meeting you at one of our events in the near future.

Barb and Rudy Lohff Region Leads
Platinum Coast Audi Club NA
[email protected]

Space Coast Region (Titusville to Fort Pierce/St. Lucie)
No official activity scheduled this month.
Matthew Guerra Region Lead
[email protected]

Gold Coast Region (Key West to WPB)
No official activity scheduled this month.
Andreas Regalado Region Lead and BoD Member
[email protected]

Gator Region – Gainesville
No official activity scheduled this month. Looking for leadership in the region.


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For 2021, UroTuning’s famous car show ‘FixxFest’ is making a big change! The 17th annual FixxFest event (11/20/21) will take place at a new location… The Firm! This change will allow us to have more space for cars, as well as a circuit track for patrons to race on. While drag racing in Bradenton was fun, we are excited to offer you an opportunity to take your car on some ‘twisties!’ Feel free to head over to for more information and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

Nathan Fugleberg
9836 Currie Davis Dr
Tampa, FL 33619


Our Prestige Partner ABT is offering a 10% discount to Audi Club Florida members. For details contact:
ABT America
c/o F355 Miami
16560 NW 10th Ave
Miami, FL 33169
[email protected]

Monday to Friday: 9AM – 6PM (EST)
Phone: (305) 974-5958

Lastly, please thank our Prestige Partners below by visiting their places of business or websites and see what they have for you. That does it for now, looking forward to seeing and meeting as many of you as possible.

Gerry Simms President and BoD Member
[email protected]