Find of the Day: Weekly Throwdown Edition – We’re Going Live Tonight & Inviting Friends For A Debate

words: Bill

Tonight at 7pm Eastern, Audi Club is going live on Facebook to debate who has found the ‘best’ Find of the Day. Tonight’s distinguished panel: Will Barberwashed up internet celebrity, John Acton– Sausage King of Chicago, Jamie Orr– Scruffy Automotive Extraordinaire. The hosts are: George Achorn– Executive Director of Audi Club NA and my boss (so no funny nickname, sir), and me, Bill ChoPrivate Slow.

This will be a weekly session that we will livestream to our Audi Club Facebook page. The video will eventually be on our YouTube page, our Instagram page, and our podcast, Unfair Advantage. Each week, George and I will invite three guests to present their Find of the Day.

Each of the participants has painstakingly searched the internet (or in my case, will probably panic pick in the 30 mins prior to the broadcast) to find three of the coolest Audi or Audi derived vehicles available on the market. We’ll present them one at a time in round robin fashion and the panel will then discuss in a civil manner (yeah right).

Please join us tonight on Facebook Live, Friday May 8, and every Friday night at 7pm Eastern as we hash out who will win the Find of the Day: Throwdown Edition.