Find of the Day: Two 1995.5 Audi S6 Avants Package Deal

words: Bill, photos: Kevin Andrews

There has always been fans for what we lovingly call the longroof and the Audi faction is no different. Audi Avants throughout the years have always had a small but very vocal fanbase and I’m sure they will get loud over this. Our last Find of the Day was a C5 S6 Avant converted into a manual RS 6 Avant. That got the attention of our readers and so should this. What you see here are two C4 S6 Avants being offered as a package deal. Here’s the ad:

Hey everyone, getting out of the game for a while to focus on a few other priorities right now.
Location: Greensburg, PA 30 minutes east of Pittsburgh
For all you TLDR folks: Two 1995.5 Audi S6 avants and a ton of spare parts $20,000. More info below.
I am going to try to sell everything together as a large collection first if there is any interest. I have 2 S6 avants both in good running condition with various modifications listed below and a ton of spare parts that will all go to the seller. It is tough to put a price on this as there is such a wide variety of market values, but let’s just make it a nice even $20,000 which is absolutely up for negotiation. Not looking for trades, just straight up cash sale, cashiers check, bank check, etc.
1st Car: Black 1995.5 Audi S6 avant
I’ve had this car for over 5 years and have done a lot to it in that time. I have put very few miles on it during my ownership, and it has always been stored indoors since I bought it. That being said it is not a flawless show car by any means, but looks great, runs well, and has no immediate concerns. I had removed much of the interior during the paint process and have not reinstalled it. Also, have nice rear badges that were removed and never reinstalled. Have everything needed to put it all back together, although I’m sure some 25-year-old plastic tabs and pieces snapped in the process. I have included pics of the car with different wheels and ride heights to give you an idea what it may look like in different set ups. That can all be easily adjusted before you take the car.
Miles: 231,764
-S6 plus wheels with newer tires
-Stoptech Big Brake kit up front, pads and rotors in the rear
-2Bennett Coilovers with adjustable camber plates
-Stromung exhaust with downpipe
-Southbend Stage 3 clutch
-Euro bumpers front and rear
-Euro tail lights
-Fresh paint (the old paint was in rough shape, faded, clear coat was gone in some areas)
-Basic Stage 1 tune by Matt Felbaum


2nd Car: White 1995.5 Audi S6 avant
I bought this car April 2020 thinking it would possibly be a good parts car as it has an impressive list of mods, I could combine the 2 cars and have a ton of extra spare parts, but I couldn’t tear into a good running car. It has not been driven more than a few times since my ownership and needs some tlc. It is not pretty at all, could be a great winter driver. It’s a full rs2 car, runs well but I think it needs a clutch because it slips under heavy load. Could be driven as is, but I would address it sooner rather than later and would not drive cross country in it. All the parts are there, but she’s got some bumps and bruises highlighted in the pictures. The previous owner repaired/painted the front bumper and did a very good job, but the pearl is too pink and does not match well. A few dents and scratches here and there and the interior needs a good detail. Only thing I did under my ownership was take it to Matt and have him tune it up properly as it was not running quite right when I got it. Turns out the major issue was some of the packing came loose in the muffler and was clogging up the exit.
Miles: 280,781
-01e 6 speed swap
-RS2 turbo
-RS2 injectors
-Stromung exhaust
-EFi express coilpacks
-Porsche big reds
-2Bennett coilovers, Koni yellows, camber plates
-Euro headlights
Notable extra parts included:
-Front and rear black bumpers in decent shape, could use paint, but all there.
-Rs2 manifold
-extra corner lights, oem tail lights
-Original Audi factory repair manuals
-Complete Bentley manuals
-Oem wheels included
-short block, as shown in pics, no idea about condition haven’t touched it
-all original parts removed for aftermarket parts included
-everything seen in pictures
Extra parts that can be worked into sale:
– OEM B6 S4 wheels freshly refinished with new tires
– Black TSW wheels with snows
– Bronze TSW wheels with good tires
Both cars can be driven wherever you need to go, just would be careful with the clutch on the white car, we might be able to fit all the spares in the back of the 2 wagons, but a pickup truck or van would be very helpful. I am not interested in splitting this up yet or shipping anything. Shipping is a mess right now, sorry. If you made it this far and are interested, feel free to ask anything. I’m sure I am forgetting a few things, but basically everything I have related to these cars will go with this sale. I am very open and honest and will disclose everything and anything. And yes, I’m sure I will regret this, but the time has come. Thank you.

What’s cool about the black one is that it’s a slicktop. I always figured that these were sunroof only cars. There’s also a plenty of parts and manuals included in the package. Extra wheels are also available but I’d rather stick to the OEM. These Avants are on the Facebook group Audi Yacht Club (audi urs4 urs6 20 valve turbo) which is a private group so you need permission to see that ad…which I just circumvented for you by posting it here. Both Avants and spares are priced at $20,000 OBO. The seller was kind enough to send me his email address so if you’re interested, you can email Kevin at [email protected] or if you have access, you can find them HERE.