Find of the Day: Throwdown Edition Episode 3 Recap and a Preview of Episode 4

words: Bill

Episode 3 went just as we planned; guests bringing multiple cars for a single car category, me breaking my own rules…you know, the normal stuff. Episode 3 featured guests Javad Shadzi, Founder and President of 034 (zero-three-four) Motorsport; Josh Paashaus, owner of Nothing Leaves Stock; and Ray Reyes, my personal chef at Audi Club events.

The 3 categories last week were: 1) beaters $5k or under, 2) daily drivers capped at $50k and 3) dream cars with an unlimited price threshold. And right off the bat, Ray ‘cheats’ with the S3 you see above. Not importable yet and no way this was $5k or under. I won with a beater D3 S8 for just under $2.5k.

The daily category then got interesting….I believe our closest competition so far. RS 3, SQ5, Audi 50, RS 7, and unfortunately, my pick was sold before the episode. George took the win with the Audi exclusive Nogaro Blue RS 7 which we featured on our Find of the Day post.

And then the wheels came off the show. Josh featured a BEAUTIFUL Bugatti Type 51 which was disqualified; Javad just wished for an IMSA GTO even though one wasn’t listed for sale, and Ray pulled off the win with a Mini Cooper with an Audi 2.5l 20v 07k 5 cylinder.

This week, we hope to stick to the ‘rules’. Returning for his 2nd appearance is Will Barber, Audi e-commerce guru; Chris Van Zandt, lover of oddball vehicles; and Troy Sicotte, President of Audi Club and fellow lover of Korean food. We’ll be live tonight on our Facebook page starting around 7pm EST. May the best Bill win.

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