Find of the Day: Possible Nogaro Blue B9 S4 at AutoNation in Texas

Our usual monitoring of the Audi marketplace has turned up an interesting B9 S4 in Amarillo, Texas. The car looks like it may be an Audi exclusive Nogaro Blue build, possibly with a few modifications, but details by the dealer aren’t entirely conclusive. Here’s what we know.

The 2020 S4 Prestige is listed as “Navarra Blue”, though clearly it’s not that. Navarra is a dark navy blue metallic, while this is much more of a primary blue. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen people mistake the two colors given they are quite similar when spoken person-to-person. Even still, we haven’t confirmed the exact color, and given inconsistencies that might come from lighting or photo editing, we suspect it could also be Voodoo Blue, Turbo Blue or another similar color.

Running the VIN number might be helpful in identifying the color. The VIN in question is WAUC4AF44LA043737.

Other noteworthy items on this car are the wheels and lack of engine cover. The white 1552 wheels are clearly aftermarket and not original to the car. The engine cover is missing, which may mean nothing or may mean other engine modifications. ┬áThat would be worth confirming for anyone considering the purchase of the vehicle. That’s particularly relevant when you consider the car is not at an Audi dealership that would be able to check to verify any remaining warranty is still intact.

As mentioned, the car is at AutoNation in Amarillo, TX, which appears to be a Chevrolet dealership. Find more information and photos via the car’s listing HERE.