Find of the Day: Perfect Spec B5 S4 Avant

There’s no doubt it’s getting harder and harder to find a good B5 S4. So many were either modified or driven hard, with mileage or wear being costly concerns. Finding a clean one, much less one in a perfect spec like Nogaro Blue with blue Alcantara interior and 5-speed manual can be a near impossibility. So, when we see what looks like a good example, we raise the flag with a Find of the Day.

This particular example was found listed on Ebay. With 104,000 miles logged and a few tasteful modifications, it’s not exactly a museum piece. However, we think it’s in a perfect sweet spot being a pristine driver that you don’t have to feel guilty driving with some regularity.

The car is located in Charles City, VA and is listed on EBay. Bidding is currently at $23,700, which would be a steal but there is a reserve and obviously the auction isn’t over. We’re curious how high this goes, because for someone looking for a B5 S4 Avant, this very much is a near perfect specimen.

Check it out over on Ebay HERE.