Audi Germany C8.5 A6 allroad Configurator is Live

Audi dropped its first evidence of the facelifted C8 range recently, including photos and details of the A6 sedan, A6 Avant, S6 Sedan and S6 Avant, plus one lone photo of an A6 allroad. And while it’s always great to see an updated Audi model, the move left us with some questions. Besides the numeric naming convention we touched on in the RS 6 Sedan Test Mule story published earlier today, it made us wonder if the lone photo of the allroad variant was an error, an early hint at a car that wasn’t meant to yet be revealed.

Turns out the A6 allroad is very much past end of secrecy. We visited the website to check in on what details might be out on the C8.5 range and found model sub-pages and active configurators for the A6 sedan, A6 Avant and A6 allroad. So while only one photo of the A6 allroad came via PR channels, the consumer site definitely reveals details on this new model. You can see photos of the European spec car via the link HERE.

Interestingly, the S6 sedan and S6 Avant configurators are not live. We suspect this is just a matter of their not being ready yet for order. The very logical German web management tends to deactivate configurator tools for cars where ordering isn’t being taken… or at least that’s our assumption. The RS 6 Avant configurators are turned off right now as well, which maybe manages expectations for Germans seeking to place an order but is decidedly no fun for configuration nerds seeking to see details of new model offerings or identify European market options and parts that we don’t get in North America.

If you want to configure an allroad (in German only on, you can find it via the “Konfigurieren” button at the top right of the screen or direct link it HERE. We built our own, complete with 21-inch wheels, Goodwood Green paint, monochromatic cladding, “allroad Interior” package and flat bottom steering wheel… amongst other things.