Find of the Day: Audi RS 3 4×4 Tarmac Stage Rally Car

words: Bill Cho, photos: Motorsport Auctions

For most of our Find of the Day segments, we highlight vehicles that we don’t get in the States or are an interesting specimen. I think this counts as both.

When I 1st saw this RS 3, I thought it was just a replica with big a## lights and a wing on the back but then I saw pics of the interior. Is this a real tarmac stage rally car? 

I mean, I wouldn’t know a real one if it was parked in my garage but it looks real. There are no records of its racing history in the ad so I don’t know if it ever has raced. Here’s the ad:

Audi RS3 4×4 Tarmac Stage Rally Car built from a genuine RS3 
Full comprehensive Custom Cages multipoint rollcage 
5 Cylinder Turbo 
Multi stage Anti lag 
Programmable launch control 
Life Racing management controlled with PDM 

Digital dash 
Multiple maps and switchable transmission settings 
Brand new TTRS gearbox 
Paddle clutch 
Professional Wrc standard loom 

Floor mount Pedal box 
Vertical hydraulic hand brake 
GPS Monit navigation system 
Stilo intercom 
Bimarco Winged seats 
Full MSA Passport 
Bilstein 2 way adjustable dampers 
Hid lamp pod 

Very quick competitive car costing 1000’s to build . 
340bhp and massive torque ! 
Mapped on Shell V power pump fuel 

Please call Tim on 07816268948 or message for more info 
Part exchange possible

It’s located across the pond so you won’t be able to import it to the States but maybe one of our European readers can snap this up for just £26,500. 

If you’re interested, the ad is HERE