Audi Presents: New Santa

words: Bill Cho, video: Audi

In last year’s Audi holiday campaign, we watched the all-true agony of finding a parking space…at the mall…during holiday shopping.¬†Shudder

My personal favorite was the short titled Ever After which starred a young girl and her favorite fairytale.

In the newest holiday campaign from Audi, we see Santa Claus doing…well…Santa Claus things: driving his sleigh, going down a chimney, placing gifts under the tree, and eating treats set out by a hopeful family. But then he sees a glimpse of himself in a mirror while hiding from a couple that arrived home early.

I feel you, big fella. What follows next is a Rocky-esque training montage complete with a surly trainer. I wonder if his name is Mickey.

Santa trains hard: jumping jacks, jogging across the ice, and (in keeping with the Rocky theme) spars in the boxing ring.

All this hard work pays off. Santa gets into fighting shape and is rewarded handsomely, not only with a new look on life but also with the new RS 5 Sportback. 

Progress is rewriting your own story is the caption that ends the video and Audi has a bright future ahead with rewriting its own story. View the heartwarming video below and have a safe and Happy Holidays from all of us at Audi Club North America.