Find of the Day: Audi exclusive Matador Red SQ8 in Texas

The Audi SQ8 holds this interesting place in the Audi lineup, one that we liken most perhaps to the original (“ur”) Audi S6. Like those ’90s era Audi S-cars, then the top of the heap without RS models up and down the range, it’s a total wolf in sheep’s clothing with its de-tuned version of the RS Q8’s 4.0 TFSI biturbo V8 and yet largely plain-jane Q8 appearance. For those seeking a sleeper, it’s the perfect undercover car… even when painted in a more look-at-me Audi exclusive color.

Enter this 2021 SQ8 (VIN: WA1CWBF15MD028022) that’s in inventory at Audi North Park in Selma, Texas. The car is well-equipped in Prestige Package and the aforementioned red paint, but otherwise conservative with black optics and the now virtually ubiquitous 22-inch “tarantula” wheels. The dealer states the color is “Matador Red”, though it’s clearly not that. To our eye, it almost looks like Misano Red (update: an Audi dealer on the Audi Club North America – National Facebook Group confirmed the car is Misano Red).

To our eye, the Q8 and its strong diagonal rear C-pillar has always had a bit of an ur quattro vibe about its profile. Paint it in a more amber red and the harkening of 80s era colors like Mars Red ur quattros is even more obvious.

This isn’t a particularly low mileage car. It’s logged 58,821 miles, but that also places its $59,995 price tag at nearly half of what a new (and facelifted) MY2024 SQ8 would run you.

Want to know more? Check it out at Audi North Park HERE.