Find of the Day: 600HP Audi S2 Race Car

words: Bill, photos: Race Cars Direct

Audi Club did our 1st Find of the Day Throwdown Edition last Friday and while it was fun to see who brought what to the table, a fierce debate broke out in the comments and in our roundtable of what car should have actually won. Will Barber, our Audi of America club liaison, found this gem: a 600hp Audi S2 hill climb race car. Oof…full sequential gearbox and fully FIA homologated. This should have won but it lost to a…well, you have to watch the video. Here’s the ad:


600WHP with 50mm turbo inlet restrictor (without it can be way more )

Interior / Safety

  • full homologated FIA roolcage, race pasport
  • OMP Automatic extinguishing system
  • MOMO steering wheel with custom control and paddle shift
  • Seat belt – 6point,


  • fiber glass parts:
  • front hood
  • front buffer + front wings one piece
  • back guarters
  • roof
  • profesional molds for all parts,
  • molds alows to make similar parts from carbon/kevlar
  • Rear wing fiberglass+carbon – GT copy 2000mm long


  • shock absorbers – Intrax
  • A arms, control arms – custom made from 25crmo4
  • all rod ends FLURO motorsport spherical
  • AIR JACK lift system, 4 cylinders,
  • Transmision
  • 5 speed full seqeuntual E01 gear box from drag power Kiril Palazov – only 300km on it from new build
  • gearbox cooling – internal pump with external radiator for gera box cooling
  • front, central, rear diff – Gripper LSD
  • rear diff cooling – external TILTON pump with radiator
  • clutch – 2 disk TILTON, TILTON hidraulic clutch bearing
  • gearbox, diff oil – RED LINE

Managment system

  • Xtra motorsport_Andrius Kontrimas_full race wiring and setup
  • EMTRON KV8 main pc
  • ECU master PMU-16 for paddle shift
  • XtraMotorsport – shiftec paddle shift system
  • Motec C125 dash
  • main control from steering
  • 3 power levels controled from steering
  • each wheel speed sensor
  • gerbox, diff – temperature
  • brake preshure front+back=brake balance


  • 5 cylinder audi 2.6 stroker forged parts
  • 600WHP with 50mm turbo inlet restrictor (without it can be way more )
  • piston 
  • puchrod
  • Girdle plate
  • 7A new build head forged parts
  • exaust valve
  • intake valve
  • spirngs
  • camshaft – catcams
  • TURBO – ball bearing turbosystems
  • Dry sump system – AVIAID (818 998-8991) stage3 pump, custom aliuminium plate, tank mounted in the back of the car.
  • Engine oil – MOTUL 20-60 lemans 300v
  • Engine oil cooling external radaitor
  • Water cooling – radiator mounted in the back of car, with external custom made valve and external DAVIES CRAIG EWP-150 water pump,


  • ATL 60ltr fuel tank with internal fuel pump system
  • 2 X boschmotorsport fuel pumps
  • E85 fuel


  • TILTON pedal box system,
  • Pagid brake pads,
  • Front – Brembo 4 pot + 330 disc
  • Back – Brembo 4 pot + 300 disc


  • 15 psc – 9,5J R18 ATS DTM COMPETITION

ZIP – A llot zip comes with car

All the FOTD participants loved it hence the debate on whether it should have won this round. It 1st shows up in the video around the 1:06 mark. The best part of this (as if 600hp wasn’t enough), it’s on sale for only €60,000 ($64,882USD). That’s a LOT of car for the money. If you want to buy the runner up to the Find of the Day: Throwdown Edition Episode 1, you can find it HERE.