Find of the Day: 2006 Audi A4 Avant…with a W12 Swap

photos: Dale Gauthreaux

Awhile ago we featured a V10 swapped C4 S6 Avant as a Video of the Day and wish we had it. Now with today’s Find, we can get an Avant with a big engine swap…a real big engine swap. Stuffed in this normal looking B7 Avant is a 6.0L W12. Here’s the ad:

06 Audi A4 Avant with W12 6.0L 12cyl swap. Imported a 0A3 GVB 06spd manual transmission out of diesel from Portugal. It has really long gears once you hit 3rd gear. Ive pushed it to 110mph in 3rd gear. This was my project car and isnt driven much. It’s just sitting outside collecting sunrays. This is not a daily driver, it drinks fuel plus the single strapped bronze disc clutch is not daily friendly. Cash or trade. What you got?

There’s a video in the ad where two police officers can’t believe what they’re seeing (car was parked at a show and not being pulled over). That a 12-cylinder? I bet that thing can get it, huh? Yes officer, that’s what i was thinking also. If you happen to miss the 6.0 badge on the rear. the W12 badges on the fenders and grill, and the W12B7AVNT Euro plate up front, it’s real easy to think this is a normal A4 Avant. It even retains the A4 badge. Also, since the W12 weighs around 530 lbs and the 2.0T weighs in at around 320, I would have thought the front end would be lower. Too bad there isn’t a video of the exhaust sound; I bet it’s heavenly. If you are interested in this B7 W12 Avant, you can find it HERE.