Find of the Day: 2001 Audi RS 4 Avant

words: Bill, photos: Mayor Cars

After the RS2 Avant and the RS 6 Avant, the next lusted after Avant would probably be the RS 4 Avant and the B5 one at that. While there are more than a couple in the States, there’s still the 25 year rule in place so how this one got in is a mystery. And the ad doesn’t give you any details on really anything. Here’s the ad:

*2001 Audi RS4*




– 54.130 KM  (33.635 MILES )

That’s it. Not even a VIN is provided. I suppose you could call the dealer and ask for it and more details. Still, it would be nice for a little more in the ad. After all, it’s a pretty rare bird for the States. Oh…I forgot to add the price: a whopping $90,000. Granted it’s another 5 years before you can legally import one into the States (Canada with their 15 year import rule, 2016 was the 1st year for import). So what’s the story with this one and is it worth the premium? You can find this 2001 Audi RS 4 Avant HERE.