Find of the Day: 1995 Audi RS2 Avant

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I remember when I used to cruise eBay for interesting cars but with sites like Cars and Bids and Bring A Trailer, I’ve migrated away from eBay. But there are some cars that will pull me back such as this one. This 1995 Audi RS2 Avant is currently for bid. Here’s the ad:

Ebay doesn’t allow me to post the Vin number: WACZZZ8CZTZ000109 and the correct year of production year 1995 

2 owners on the “titles chain”

* 1st Owner: The car was imported brand new from Italy to be sold to an older gentleman in Monaco
* A dealership bought the car from him and keep it in stock for 2/3 years (I believe he drove the car for himself but use the dealership,so he did not have to register it)
* 2Nd owner: A chief Mechanic at Audi France (I bought the car from him)
This car was recommended to the 2nd owners by 2 RS2 owners

* I imported the car with my dealership «Le Petit Garage» in 2020 at the same time as a Porsche 964 RS

Full Options:
– Full leather seats
– Heated seats
– Steering wheel 3 branches
– Carbon Interior
– Black roof rail
– Original Audi radio
– Original owner manual + maintenance
– Original Car – never modified
– Phase 2 with renforced clutch box

Seats are in very good condition

Lot of services/invoices since day 1
2 sets of keys
No rust
No accident

Services since I owned the car:
June 2021: 4 New tires
19 May 2021: Timing belt service + water pump
04 Mar 2022: Replaced heater core
02 May 2022: Oil change + water coolant sender

The car is not titled yet but I have all the documents needed to title it:
·        Original title translated from French to English
·        Original Bill translated from French to English
·        Custom forms and custom fee paid

The car will be sold via my US dealership, so you’ll have all the paperwork’s needed

In N.Y To register a car that was imported and is 25 years + old:
Bill of sale and Title need to be translated in English
Custom forms that shows importation fees were paid
A picture of the Vin number

That’s it…

With the 25 year law for the States, I’m sure we will start to see more and more RS2 Avants on our shores. While this one may not be in the desirable Nogaro Blue, it’s an RS2 so who cares of the color? The Buy It Now price is $72,000. I’ll let you decide if it’s worth it. There are a couple of days left on the auction and you can find this 1995 Audi RS2 Avant HERE.