Audi Captures the Zeitgeist With This Car: First Audi 80 Unveiled 50 Years Ago

source: Audi AG

  • 1972: Audi 80 is launched and becomes “Car of the Year”
  • Bestseller in series production: More than 12.5 million B1 to B9 (Audi 80 and Audi A4 models) produced to date
  • Oliver Hoffmann, Head of Technical Development: “The Audi 80 shows that Vorsprung durch Technik is a tradition at Audi”

It establishes the B series, is both a pioneer of innovative technology and a trendsetter, and becomes the first million-seller for the brand with the four rings: the Audi 80. The significance of the compact sedan for Audi and the Volkswagen Group is indisputable – not least because the Audi 80 pioneers the modular design.