Find of the Day: 1985 Audi 4000S quattro

words: Bill, photos: Alex Kremer

Growing up, I never did look at an Audi 4000 with starry eyes or even any eyes. It wasn’t until much (much) later that I began to appreciate them. Maybe because up until that point, I had not driven one and was pretty ignorant about other Audi models outside of the Sport quattro or the 90 Coupe quattro my friend had in college. Joining Audi/Volkswagen forums in the late 90s/early 2000s, people were talking about the 4000S quattro almost with reverence. Then I drove one and I finally understood. Not fast,  not sexy, not common but there’s something about a 4000S quattro…

So not to my surprise, this pristine one popped up in the Pacific Northwest. The one I drove and fell in love with was also a pristine 4000S quattro from the Pacific Northwest. Any way, enough of my reminiscing. Here’s the ad:

1985 Audi 4000S quattro5 spd manual transmission2.2L 10V 5 cylinder engine
Quattro AWD with locking center and rear diffs
Power windows, sunroof, and locks
Tornado Red exterior with Brown velour cloth interior
Rust free Northwest car its entire life
True mileage unknown, estimated 200k+ Carfax shows 180k miles in 2005 before the cluster was swapped to one that shows 70k and has a broken odometer. Car sat for several years before 2018 when my friend purchased it. I then acquired it from him in early 2020.
Recent maintenance and new parts since April 2020:
*New timing belt and v-belts
*New water pump, thermostat, and coolant flush
*New silicone heater core hoses
*New radiator
*Painted valve cover and new valve cover gasket
*New fuel filter (fuel pump also looks newer as there was an older one sitting in the trunk)
*New brake pads and rotors front and rear
*Rebuilt rear calipers and complete brake fluid flush and bleed.
*New beam wiper blades
*New air filter
*New Bosch O2 sensor
*Fresh oil change with Mobil 1
*New rear wheel bearings
*New idle stabilizer valve (ISV)
*New spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, and NGK plug wires
*Replaced all of the vacuum hoses with new braided factory style vacuum hose
*New coolant temp sender and thermo-switch
*Replaced starter with lower mileage unit
*New door handles with seals on all doors and re-keyed to match the ignition and trunk
*Refreshed CIS fuel system with cleaned fuel injectors, new injector seals (green Viton ones that last longer), and new air shrouds. Idle and mixture tuned to factory specifications and verified functionality of cold start valve.
*New idle switch
*Rebuilt cruise control vacuum switches with new o-rings
*New leather shifter and parking brake boot
*New upgraded nylon shift bushing and new OE style shifter plate (still could use a short shifter for further reducing slop)
*New tires
*Newer battery (I believe replaced in 2018 by the previous owner according to the date code)
*New distributor vacuum advance
*New pump to rack high pressure power steering line


*Great condition black B4 floor mats that fit the B2 surprisingly well
*Euro H4 headlights with relay harness and Hella 90/130W high output bulbs
*LED turn signals, running lights, brake lights, reverse lights, and license plate lights. Solid state turn signal relay. Relayed the running lights that run through the headlight switch to reduce load on the switch which commonly melts on B2 Audis.
*Pretty rare 4-spoke Hella steering wheel with MOMO adapter (stock wheel included)
*The paint is in pretty decent condition, but does have some fading on the sideskirts and bumpers.
*There are quite a few dings, dents, and scratches over the body. There is evidence of a fender bender in both the front of the car on the hood and just in front of the right rear tire. Overall the car presents pretty well and does shine up, so not bad for being 35 years old.
*Seats and carpet have some wear as expected. A few tears in the sunroof panel and dirt on the headliner.
*Air conditioning doesn’t work but all of the parts are there and everything seems to be ready to work (HVAC flaps and switch work). If you put a belt on the compressor the clutch works and doesn’t make any bad sounds, it just doesn’t engage since there is no charge. I tried pulling a vacuum on the system to charge it but there is a leak somewhere and it wouldn’t hold the vacuum. Haven’t investigated further to find the leak.
*Rear left window is inop (all other 3 work great!) Tested the motor and the switches and those appear to work just fine, but there must be an issue between the motor in the door and the center console switches.
*Exhaust system is an aftermarket Bosal system that has holes in it. I’ve mended some of them but at some point the exhaust system should be replaced. For now it doesn’t leak too bad and has a nice growl.
*Aftermarket radio is pretty meh and radio reception is poor.
*Sunroof needs some work or just don’t use it. The motor works but it is slow and you might have to hand crank it to close it. I messed around with it a little and tried lubricating it but probably needs to be taken out and readjusted. Sunroof panel has a tear in the upholstery.
*Broken odometer previously mentioned.
*Clunk in the front suspension when going over bumps while turned. Probably strut mounts but maybe control arm bushings. Drives straight and only a slight steering wheel wobble at around 65pmh.
*Cruise control worked in the summer but has since become intermittent. Could be temp related and a weak pump. I replaced the vacuum lines and put new o-rings in the vacuum switches.
*Some light smoke on startup, probably valve stem seals. Goes away immediately.
*The car runs and drives GREAT! Fires up both hot and cold with little effort with a rock solid idle. Probably the best running CIS car I’ve owned!
*3 out of 4 power windows and all 4 door handles work along with the power locks! (this is a feat for an old Audi)
*All gauges work (minus the odometer)
*Both diff locks work
*All glass is crack free
*Stock silver 14″ Ronals with like new Toyo all seasons.
*Completely rust free and PNW car its entire life. Still has a Seattle City parking permit in the rear window from 1992!
Also available:
*15×7 ET24 Borbet Type A wheels with new 195/55R15 Dunlop Dirrezza summer tires. The Borbet wheels have a complete set of both ‘flat’ and ‘raised’ center caps and locking bolts with key.
I’m really going to miss this car, if you’ve never owned one they really are awesome. With the stock engine they’re slow, but still super fun to drive around (ESPECIALLY in the snow). Getting harder and harder to find good rust-free versions nowadays. Small sedan, manual transmission, all-wheel-drive, and a growling 5 cylinder. Can’t ask much more than that! I’m a die-hard Audi enthusiast and have been working on mostly 80s and 90s Audis for the last 15 years and this is my 14th one. Wish I could keep it, but I have to thin the herd and two other Audis unfortunately get the priority.
$4500 on the stock 14s
$5000 with the Borbets included
Located in Burien, WA
Walkaround and starting video here:

Is there a huge warehouse in the Pacific Northwest where old Audi and other desirable makes reside in climate controlled bubbles? Most I’ve seen have no rust on them..maybe the DOT doesn’t use salt on the roads like they do here in the Northeast. Oh and this is the way you should write an ad…very descriptive and lots of photos. The buyer and prospective buyers will love the seller for this (not to mention me). It’s listed for $4,500 and has over 200+k miles on it; I would be tempted. If you are, you can find this 1985 Audi 4000S quattro on our Audi Club North America Classifieds page HERE. Thanks Nilesh for the heads up.