Find of the Day: 1980 Audi Ur-quattro – The Oldest Street Version Known

photos: autoscout24

You’ve seen one Ur-quattro, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, I bet you haven’t seen one like this before. This is a 1980 Audi quattro but it’s also the oldest street version known. The ur Ur-quattro? Here’s the ad (translated from German):

The oldest (!) street-legal Audi Urquattro
first owner “Herbert von Karajan”
Matching Numbers

While the first 50 chassis numbers were reserved for the racing vehicles, production of the street version officially began in autumn 1980. Our vehicle with the number 0061 left the factory as the eleventh street version built in Ingolstadt. The whereabouts of the first 10 vehicles are unknown, even after extensive research.

While deliveries for normal buyers began in January 1981, Herbert von Karajan was able to take delivery of his car in November 1980. We have a copy of the original Swiss license for the famous conductor from December 1980.

The very early Urquattros have special details such as the cable switches for the two differential locks, the attached side indicators, the rear window without a curve and the center console without a surrounding bead. In our car, all of these things are fantastically preserved in their original condition. The original front panel is still installed as is the windshield seal with rain drain lip. Overall, this Urquattro is still in remarkable condition even after over 40 years. The entire interior is still original, the paint was renewed once in the original color.

In recent years, the matching numbers engine and all add-on parts have also been professionally overhauled. Great importance was placed on reprocessing the original parts in order to maintain their unique condition, which was achieved brilliantly. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to purchase a piece of real automotive history.

I’m surprised this example isn’t in Audi’s collection but fortunately, it can be in yours. The original owner was Herbert von Karajan who was one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century and we can tell, he has a great eye also. What can you expect to pay for the ur ur-quattro? With only 140,830 km (87, 508 miles), this oldest known street version of the Audi quattro is listed at €187,500 ($201,284 USD). You can find it HERE.