APR Remote Tuning Service (RTS) for ECU and TCU Upgrades

source: APR

APR software is traditionally installed on-location by your local APR Dealer, but not everyone has one. With the APR Remote Tuning Service (RTS) we, or a participating dealer, can remotely tune your engine (ECU) or transmission (TCU) anywhere in the world! Simply purchase the APR RTS Install Cable and setup a remote tuning session!

If you have a participating local dealer:

  • Contact your local dealer to inquire about remote tuning

If working direct with APR here’s how the process goes:

  • Purchase the APR RTS Install Cable
  • Email [email protected] with your order number. Subject: APR RTS (#OrderNumber)
  • We’ll contact you and schedule the appointment during our business hours

What you need:

  • The APR RTS Install Cable
  • A Windows laptop with reliable internet and the ability to install Remote Desktop
  • A car battery charger is recommended
  • The appointment with our team

When you have the appointment:

  • We’ll call and walk through connecting to your car to setup the install
  • We’ll check for software, choose the tune you want
  • You’ll purchase the tune from us over the phone with your Credit Card
  • We’ll then install the ECU Upgrade, TCU Upgrade, or both


  • Does APR charge labor, ever?: No.
  • How do I buy the software direct from APR?: We charge you over the phone at the time of flashing.
  • Can I schedule an appointment to update the ECU/TCU, change programs, or buy a new stage directly with APR?: Yes.
  • Can I schedule an appointment to flash back to stock directly with APR?: Yes.
  • Is this APR’s long awaited at home flashing program?: No. A DIY program is in the works.
  • Are there any excluded ECUs/TCUs?: Yes: MK2 TT RS, Early R8 V10, C6 A6 3.0T, Early Q7 3.0T.
  • What if APR doesn’t have my ECU/TCU and I have the cable?: We’ll discuss options, or you can get a full refund.
  • Does my local dealer support RTS?: Some do, and some don’t. Please contact your dealer to inquire.
  • Do I have to use my local dealer?: It’s always advisable to use your local dealer, but the choice is yours.


  • Enables remote engine (ECU) and transmission (TCU) tuning
  • Perfect if you don’t have a local APR Dealer
  • Quick and easy
  • No labor charges from APR

Get yours HERE.