Gainesville Oktoberfest! Audi Gainesville and Audi Club Florida September 29, 2018

Gainesville Oktoberfest!  Audi Gainesville and Audi Club Florida  September 29, 2018


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Audi Gainesville
1920 N Main St, Gainesville, FL, 32609

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Gainesville Oktoberfest! Audi Gainesville and Audi Club Florida, September 29, 2018

Fellow ACFL members and Audi fans
We are about a month out so make sure you have scheduled plans to join one of the three convoys of the Audi Club of Florida headed to Gainesville on the 29th of September for Oktoberfest. There will be an authentic oompah band direct from München along with German delicacies and a full serving of Gemütlichkeit under the big tent and long tables just like Munich all at Audi Gainesville. In addition, to help to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House, we will be selling ACNA raffle tickets for the 2019 Audi RS3 and S5 Sportback and looking forward to recruiting new members to join the ACNA.
After a continental breakfast, the Gulf Coast Region will start their run at Audi Clearwater, convoy to Audi Tampa and pick up more participants then continue on to Audi Wesley Chapel for additional participants then proceed north to Gainesville to celebrate Oktoberfest. The breakfast will start about 7:00 AM at Audi Clearwater and after all have had their fill of coffee and croissants and signed the required insurance waivers; the last Audi will depart by 8:00 AM. We will then convoy to two additional dealerships, join more ACFL members and Audi enthusiasts then head north to our final destination Audi Gainesville and the Oktoberfest.
For the first time, we have received word from national that we can open this drive to non-ACNA members. The “suits” require that all drive participants including passengers (18 years of age and older) sign the insurance waivers at the three convoy starting points. There will be a second convoy of Audis originating from the First Coast Region in Jacksonville, Gerry Simms has sent out information regarding the exact starting point and time for his region. At this point, it is planned that a third group will be coming from the Emerald Coast Region in the Panhandle under the leadership of Bobby Hopp. An announcement regarding the starting point and time of that region’s convoy will be coming out prior to the end of August. This should be the ACFL’s largest participatory event of 2018 driving season involving four regions.  In lieu of registration fees for these drives and the fact that the Oktoberfest is being held to raise funds and awareness for the Gainesville Ronald McDonald House, we are requesting that you make a contribution to the Ronald McDonald House.
It is important if you plan to start at Audi Clearwater, Audi Tampa or Audi Wesley Chapel, please RSVP at  [email protected] by sending an email stating where you plan to start and the number in your party. I will confirm your registration and send back your drive start time for Tampa and Wesley Chapel.  If you plan to join the Emerald Coast or the First Coast Regions in their respective drives, those RSVP directions will be coming out with their specific region’s announcements. Of course, if you do not own an Audi you can still join any of the drives and if in the Gulf Coast Region join us for breakfast at Audi Clearwater and tail along or you can drive directly to Audi Gainesville; just let me know when you register so we have enough food. The Oktoberfest and drives are open to everyone and all makes of cars. This should be a fun event as we raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House in Gainesville.
Finally, for those who contribute $10.00 or more to the Ronald McDonald House, we will have something extra special for you, one of our new ACFL Logo window stickers to adorn your Audi, laptop or fridge. It has been rumored they add up to 30 HP to the fridge, of course, your real-world results may vary. We will also have stickers available at the event.
If you have any questions about the event or the drives give one of us a shout and we will get back to you with an answer. Emerald Coast Region,  [email protected], First Coast Region, [email protected], Gator Region, and the Oktoberfest at Audi Gainesville, [email protected] [email protected], Gulf Coast Region, [email protected],
Cheers and Safe Motoring
Bob Greving