Event Report: Cult Classic 13

Coopersburg, PA

It was early on Sunday morning and cars were already lining up for registration. Thunderstorms had ruled Saturday night and the forecast wasn’t friendly for a car show but this wasn’t just any car show.

For the past 13 years, Cult Classic has grown from 27 cars the 1st show to over 400 for the 13th but the same family friendly atmosphere has remained. This was the 1st year that Audi Club North America had officially attended but we’ve been friends with Josh Paashaus, founder of Cult Classic and owner of Nothing Leaves Stock, and his family for years. And this is a family affair…his mother runs the main tent, his wife the registration, his brothers the rest. Friends help with parking spectator cars and patrol the grounds to make sure everyone has a great time.

Audis and Volkswagens dominated the field but other makes and models were welcomed like the stray RWB that showed up and the Best of Show Porsche 914-6.

Audi Club North America’s display included our allroad and a couple of special vehicles. Our friends over at Audi Sport Club NYC brought their slammed roof box equipped R8 and C5 RS 6. We also talked the owner of a local shop into parking his car at our tent…an Audi exclusive Cassis Purple S5 Sportback. It was fantastic.

Old and modern Audis were well represented. From a B3 Coupe quattro with S2 bits to the latest from Audi Sport like the numerous RS 3s, your Audi thirst will be quenched.

If you only attend a few shows a year, the Cult Classic should be on your list. Many claim to be laid back but this is THE laid back show of the year.

Check out our gallery below.