Build Your Own e-tron…Out of Paper

Audi of America released three paper models, including the e-tron, to celebrate 40 years of quattro…and to combat boredom.

The first is of a 1980s Sport quattro S1 rally car, showing where quattro® began. It was a car so dominant that it transformed rally racing. Later, quattro® was called “the unfair advantage” when introduced in touring car racing. Download it HERE.

The second cutout is of the Audi R8, our mid-engine supercar, equipped exclusively with a 5.2-liter V10 engine in its current generation. With quattro®, it’s capable of reining in its 602 horsepower and is as close as an Audi customer can get to driving a road-going racecar. Download it HERE.

Finally, the Audi e-tron shows where we are taking quattro® technology, with two electric motors powering all four wheels, using 40 years of all-wheel-drive know-how to develop all-electric technology for today and tomorrow. Download it HERE.

Tweet Audi at @AudiNews with a picture of your e-tron or the others with the #AudiTogether hashtag. Have fun!

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