Audi EV&me App – A Personalized Guide to Going Electric from Audi UK

New app helps customers understand the financial, practical and lifestyle impacts of making the switch to an Audi EV

  • Compares current running costs with the potential costs of an e-tron
  • Provides information on the benefits of owning an EV
  • Allows users to book a test drive and chat to an EV specialist
  • Available to download now for free on the Apple and Android app stores

A new app dedicated to helping customers make informed decisions about moving to an Audi electric vehicle is now available on the Apple and Android app stores. Free to download, EV&me presents users with a host of helpful information that can be used to decide if the move suits their individual needs and reveals how much they could potentially save by making the switch.

Jointly developed by Audi UK, Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Ltd. (VWFS) and digital innovation company Futurice, EV&me can track any journey to find out how their current vehicle running costs would compare if the user had been driving an e-tron 50 instead. Once more all-electric models join the range, users will be able to toggle between them.

To access this data, the user is first asked whether they currently drive a petrol or diesel, what MPG it achieves (if this is not known, the app assumes it to be the national average of 26MPG for comparison purposes) and their average yearly mileage. Both MPG and yearly mileage can be adjusted at any time.

For even more accuracy, the app encourages users to enable auto tracking so that it can log six or more journeys, for example their daily commute or a regular trip taken each week, to give a much more tailored insight into the savings that can be made.

The data is then broken down into simple savings that can be toggled between weekly, monthly and yearly amounts. The app also displays how many charges would need to be completed in the Audi EV to cover the same distance, and the average range available on a full charge.

On the same screen, the app delves deeper into existing ownership costs and bases fuel cost calculations on current national fuel price averages as well as electricity costs on the national monthly average respectively.

Commenting on the release of the new app, Director of Audi UK Andrew Doyle said: “As a quick cost comparison tool, the EV&me app is extremely useful for any motorist – not just Audi customers. But the app also offers users far more as an overall EV hub, and can be a valuable reference point for every aspect of the Audi e-tron ownership experience.”

Anna Chudley, Electric Vehicles Programmes Manager for Audi UK, added: “We know that many drivers are keen to learn about the various benefits of EVs but find it difficult to easily disseminate all the associated information when it comes to making the switch. Which is why EV&me makes it as simple as possible for those on the fence to see how much they can save in an Audi EV and, crucially, using real-life data.”

A separate tab on the app offers a test drive booking facility, all current finance offers on the Audi e-tron range and the option to fully configure a new e-tron within the app. Furthermore, a host of other useful guides are readily available, including a tour of the fully electric and plug-in hybrid Audi ranges, a look ahead at electric Audi concept cars and handy guides on how to charge at home and on the road aswell as information of grants and incentives available. A charging station locator and guide to the e-tron charging service is also included, as well as links to useful Audi e-tron easy guide films which cover topics from charging to maximising range

Users can also quickly and easily contact a member of the specialist EV team by using the in-app faceook message chat function, by emailing [email protected] or by calling 0800 699 688.

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