CES 2020: Audi Intelligence Experience – the Empathetic Car

With the Audi Intelligence Experience project (AIE), Audi is providing an outlook on how its customers will experience and interact with the automobile in the future. AIE increases the passengers’ levels of wellbeing, safety, and comfort through intelligent functions and the use of artificial intelligence. In order to do this, the car familiarizes itself with its users and their habits and tailors its comfort and infotainment systems to suit their preferences. The Audi is thus a car that thinks for itself and an empathetic companion for everyday mobility.

The concept: the car as an attentive companion

They carry out routine commands on their own, adjust perfectly to the user, and take as many things off their hands as possible: The current generation of MMI systems already comes very close to meeting this requirement. For example, they feature a self-learning navigation system. It saves the driver’s preferred destinations, connects them with the date, time, and current traffic situation, and derives suggested routes from this data. Another feature is personalization, which allows multiple users to specify up to 400 individual preferences, ranging from the seat position and route guidance all the way to the media. The next level of personalization will be available in selected Audi models in the middle of the year. 

The ideas portfolio for the empathetic car is already integrated in show cars like the Audi AI:CON from 2017, and it has now been expanded. The centerpiece is the personal intelligent assistant, or PIA for short. Using artificial intelligence methods, PIA combines data intelligently with one another – data from the car, data about the driver, traffic jam reports and traffic projections, as well as information from the Internet. PIA also responds to voice inputs and uses tailored algorithms to communicate autonomously and adaptively with the user.

Audi will be offering a look into the future at CES 2020. The Audi Intelligence Experience project describes a scenario in which the car conducts a precise analysis as to the functions and settings that its user prefers, be it for the seat position and massage function, media, route guidance, interior lighting, air humidity and temperature, or the fragrancing of the interior. The Audi of the future identifies the respective preferences after just a short time and adjusts the settings on its own. If desired, the car can also adjust its settings based on the user’s condition, which it identifies by means of sensors in the vehicle that observe the user’s driving style and vital functions such as skin temperature and pulse. In doing so, the Audi Intelligence Experience increases the passengers’ level of safety.

During longer drives or in complex traffic situations, the Audi can play relaxing music, adjust the seat to a relaxing position, or dim the interior lighting when it is dark outside, for example. Of course, the passengers can decide for themselves to which degree they want to use this artificial intelligence.

At CES 2020, visitors can experience the basic functions of the Audi Intelligence Experience in a prototype. The users who take a seat in the driver seat are greeted personally and a video projection shows them driving experiences that correspond to their daily routine and current mood. The digital assistant starts a voice dialog with the user proactively and adjusts all systems, from the seat and sound system all the way to fragrancing, accordingly and offers tips for an optimized daily routine. 

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