Resident DJ Considers Audi e-tron Synthesized Sound

If you’ve driven an e-tron, or one’s driven past you, it’s hard to miss the otherworldly sound of the thing… at least at low speeds where it is required to emit sound in order to alert pedestrians nearby of its presence. Just how Audi arrived at the sound is an interesting consideration, and one that Audi Deutschland aimed to communicate by inviting Simon Gerber, resident DJ of the P1 Club, into their sound development facility.

Okay, the piece is in German, but it’s got subtitles and we find this to be a fascinating new element quite unique to car ownership. Maybe you’re a former ICE owner who’d like to augment the sound much as the addition of a less restrictive exhaust would on an R8. Maybe you’re more curious about sound engineering and how it was created. Whatever the case, it’s worth a quick watch.

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