e-tron connect: Audi Teases Sport e-tron at End of L.A. Auto Show Presentation Video

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on our sister site, e-tron connect

Tonight, Audi pulled the wraps off of the e-tron Sportback at an evening event during the L.A. Auto Show. And, while that’s all highly newsworthy, we couldn’t help but notice the few seconds of teaser video run at the end of their presentation.

Okay, so the upcoming “Sport e-tron”, “e-tron S” or whatever you want to call it isn’t exactly secret, it’s still cool to see it hooning about on a test track with plenty of throttle-on oversteer for good measure.

Here’s the associated presentation video from tonight. If you want to see the sport bits, fast forward to 9:06. Check out this traditional bodied e-tron expected to be running a third motor for rear torque vectoring, sliding the car around the track.