Drag Race: Audi vs Everything

words: Bill Cho, video: Drag Racing and Car Stuff

We haven’t done an Audi vs Whatever lately so to compensate, how about Audi vs Everything? In this video fromĀ Drag Racing and Car Stuff, we have just that…a 6 minute long video of several Audi vehicles vs everything under the sun (or in this case, under the moon).

The list of competitors: Mustangs, Corvettes, Crown Victoria, Civics, F-150, Charger, Cadillac, Golf R, 240(?), Cutlass (?), Challenger, GTI, Nova (?), and a WRX.

The Audi cars involved are a couple of RS 7s, one S8, a couple of S4s, and a couple of RS 3s. I will tell you that there is a loss but it was really close…can you guess which of the other vehicles won?