Class of 2023 Importable Vehicles for Audi Enthusiasts

With the beginning of each year comes our annual identification of European market cars that have become old enough for relatively easy importation into the USA. For Americans, this means cars 25-years old or older, meaning cars manufactured in 1997 will qualify in 2023. For Canadians the requirement is only 15-years, meaning cars from 2007 or before.

For Americans, the big news here is early iterations of the B5 S4. While we did get that car also, we didn’t get it prior to facelift, meaning early A4 door handles and older rhombus style badging. Europe also tended to get more bold color choices, meaning that your search for that perfect Nogaro Blue B5 S4 may be that much easier in 2023.

For Canadians, the only notable Audi that began production in 2007 was the Q7 with 4.2 TDI. Beyond that, Lamborghini did produce the Gallardo Nera and Donkervoort began production of the Audi-powered D8 GT Coupé.