Aggregated: Car & Driver Retro-Publishes 1984 Audi 4000S quattro Review

When you have a back catalogue as rich as Car & Driver’s, what do you do on a slow news day? Fortunately for vintage Audi enthusiasts, they post period stories including some of our favorite Audi models. Today, that includes the 1984 launch review of the U.S.-spec 4000 S quattro penned by Larry Griffin.

Here’s a sample.

“Welcome to the second round of four-wheel-drive fanfare. Audi’s “S” designa­tion in “4000S Quattro” could stand for “Son of Quattro.” The turbocharged Quattro coupe continues as the ne plus ul­tra of transport for the beautiful ski people, while the 4000S Quattro, true to Audi’s promise, dips closer to regular folks’ status. It offers the new 5000’s normally aspirated engine, the 4000’s glassy-sedan configura­tion, and a price tag only half as steep as that of the turbo coupe. The 4000S Quattro is not only far and away a better dollar deal than the coupe but a better­-balanced car in the bargain. Does this mean four-wheel drive should be summarily bolted into every car designed from this day forward? We shall see.”

Read the full story along with some great period photos over at Car & Driver HERE. Also check out some of our own period press photos of the 1984 Audi 4000S quattro below.