C9 Audi A7 Sedan Test Mule Spied Outside Nurburgring

Following last week’s C9 RS 7 Avant spotting, our spy photographers also caught a sedan variant of the upcoming C9 A7.

As you may recall, with Audi preparing to sell a range of EVs alongside a range of internal combustion cars, those burning petrol and other fuels will all move to odd-numbered designation. So, the replacement for the current C8-generation A6 will be dubbed A7.

Whether or not the C9 A7 would carry through with a sedan or go Sportback only wasn’t yet confirmed. However, this test mule does appear to suggest the sedan body style will remain.

Other details confirmed are that the A7 sedan appears to use the same rear light configuration as the A7 Avant, with light bar across and brake lights dropping down like fangs at the corners of the car.

Expect the A7 to debut in 2025.