C9 Audi A7 Avant Spied

It’s a poorly kept secret that Audi aims to shift its nomenclature in order to differentiate full-electric BEVs with internal combustion/hybrid PHEV vehicles. Electrics will go with even numbers, while anything internal combustion (ICE) will go with odd numbers. So, when an an ICE A6-replacing Avant shows up cold weather testing, it’s safe to assume you’re looking at an A7 Avant.

Our spy photographers caught several mules testing, effectively three different prototypes that we can see here. From what we can tell, it appears the A7 may grow just a bit compared to the current C8 A6 Avant, which would make sense if the B10 A5 Avant proves to be a bit bigger than the about-to-be-replaced B9 A4 Avant.

In the case of these so-called “C9” A7 models, they’ll be based on the next evolution of the MLB architecture that’s now being referred to as PPC, standing for premium platform consumption. Power for these PPC models will come from a range of petrol and diesel engines for Europe. An RS 7 Avant is expected, though will likely have a PHEV hybrid drivetrain.

These mules appear to be A7 spec (and not RS 7 spec), and we can see key details such as a wider grille and rings overlapping the upper framing of the grille as we’ve already seen on the new A3. It also appears that the headlights won’t be split as we’ve seen on EV models including the new Q6 and some SUVs.

New door handles appear to be flush with the bodywork, and at the rear we can see a taillight bar that covers the distance from each corner.

Expect the A7 to be offered in at least two body styles. We know from these images that an Avant is coming, but whether the other will be a Sportback or a sedan remains to be seen.