Aural Nirvana: 700 HP 2013 TT RS plus

words: Bill Cho, video: Cars with Luke

You’ll notice something different about this 2013 TT RS plus in the latest video by YouTuber Cars with Luke.  Clad in a body kit reminiscent of the TT RS VLN Racecar complete with canards, louvres, and induction hood, it certainly looks the part but does it have the same power to back up the looks?

The original TT RS VLN Racecar had 380hp, 390 lb/ft of torque and was FWD. This full quattro TT RS has 800 hp on a good day but on the day of filming, it only had 700. Only. The whole engine was rebuilt with forged pistons, different camshafts for higher revs, and a bigger Garrett GTX3582R turbo. Oh and it also has methanol injection. All of this power is stopped by carbon ceramic brakes off an R8. Hung, the owner, was reluctant to admit exactly how much he spent but it was a lot.

I got this information from listening to the video and it was difficult to hear exactly what was being said because of the noise this car makes. And boy oh boy does it make some sweet sweet noise.

Snug tightly in Pole Position Recaros, Luke and Hung tackle back roads and finally the autobahn hitting 280 kph with no problem. Luke was apparently the 1st person to drive the TT RS other than Hung. The poker face on Hung is the greatest; he’s so calm.

Plug some headphones in and just listen to the video. It’s aural nirvana.