Audi SQ2 Image Revealed Ahead of Paris

Audi has released a sole image of an S-car variant of its Q2 crossover. Though America doesn’t get the Q2, this new SQ2 is an interesting consideration nonetheless. With a new and considerably more aggressive Q3 just revealed weeks ago, seeing Ingolstadt’s commitment to performance crossover variants certainly gives some clues at what one might expect in the future of the Q3.

Back to the SQ2, here’s what European press such as AutoCar are sharing about the car. It’s claimed to have a 296 bhp 2.0-liter TFSI engine, the same found currently in the S3 and TTS. Torque is equivalent to the European Volkswagen Golf R at 295 lb-ft, making for an expected 0-60 mph of 4.8 seconds. A Haldex-version of quattro will be offered as expected, and paired with a twin clutch S-tronic transmission.

From a styling standpoint, it appears that the SQ2 will follow the typical S-car conventions of vertical slatted grille, S-line style bumpers, etc. This particular photo likely signals a black optic trim vehicle given the black grille surround, mirror caps and window framing. Also interesting is either trim or a decal running across the outer door skins that appears to feature the iconic “quattro” script logo at the rear.

Check out more on the SQ2 and how it slots into the European market in a more detailed article over at