Audi RS Q3 Spied Testing

Let’s just say it’s been a busy month for the development engineers at Audi Sport GmbH. Audi’s skunkworks division was spied just days ago testing the RS 6 Avant, and now they’ve been nabbed testing what appears to be the next RS Q3. Two mules were tested in warm weather testing, one appearing to be painted Nardo Grey and the other in what is most likely the new Turbo Blue paint that’s been coming from Audi on some of the latest model.

Though drivetrain details of the upcoming RS Q3 aren’t exactly confirmed, it’s not hard to make a highly educated guess. Given Q3 and RS Q3 have always been based on Audi’s transverse small car architecture just like the A3 and TT, the first-generation Europe-only RS Q3 shared the RS 3 and TT RS’s 5-cylinder 2.5 TFSI drivetrain likely sporting about 400 bhp.┬áThe latest Q3 and thus RS Q3 migrates to the latest evolution of Audi’s MQB transverse chassis matrix, and thus we’d frankly be surprised not to see this crossover sharing its powertrain with the current TT RS and RS 3.

How do we know it’s an RS Q3? Similar wheels to the RS 6 Avant spied days ago sure helps. So do cues like Audi’s trademark RS oval exhaust tips and what looks like wider sills.

Another interesting detail are the brakes on the blue car. While both have larger brakes than we’ve seen before on any new Q3, the blue car appears to have the carbon ceramic option, interestingly with what appears to be Nogaro Blue finish on the calipers.

Say what you want about SUVs, this is good news for people wishing for some sort of Avant-like body style sporting a 5-cylinder turbo. Whether you prefer to ride above it all or consider dropping the suspension in order to make for a tall Avant, we’re hoping all will be pleased with the decidedly more handsome dynamics and looks of the latest Q3, all hopefully paired with a long iconic Audi engine configuration.

Check out more images below.