Audi Norway quattro Coaster App

New from Audi Norway is an incredibly cool app that uses the same Augmented Reality (AR) technology to place a full size virtual Audi in front of you, or allows you to lay out a fantastical scale track around your living room… or any other environment in which you find yourself.

Using the same tech that allows SnapChat to place kitty ears and anime eyes on your mirror image in real time, Audi partners have devised an entirely more appealing use of the tech for car enthusiasts and Audi enthusiasts in particular.

Let’s focus on the fantastical first. As you can see from the video embedded above, users can create a track down a tree lined road or through a snow-covered climate. Viewed through the lens of an Apple mobile device, the track features curves and elevation changes suspended in the middle of the space where you’ve created it… whether that space is a den, garage, or even a beach.

Users can choose between multiple Audi models. That selection currently appears to include the Audi Q2, Q5, Q7 and new A7.

Of course, Audi is in the business of selling cars too and that’s where the more practical use of the app comes into play. Additional functionality of the quattro Coaster app allows you to put a virtual life-sized Audi in front of you, with further detailing such as interior so you can open the door and explore the cockpit.

Above is a more in-depth video from POL, the agency that worked with Audi Norway and DVA Studio to create quattro Coaster. Here, you’ll get a bit more insight from the staff who created it and see even more functionality than the brief video above.

While that’s all very cool, we’re guessing you’re now wondering how and where to get quattro Coaster. The good news is that it has been developed for Apple devices including iPhone and iPad. It’s also available in some markets on the app store HERE. Thus far, we’ve been unable to confirm its availability for the U.S. market and we’ve not been successful in trying to download it via direct link to Apple on our devices just yet.

We’ve dropped a note to Audi of America and are checking whether or not it will be made available to the American market. We’ll let you know what we learn when we learn it.

See more photos of the quattro Coaster App below. Also find out more on the Audi Norway website HERE.