Audi Enthusiast’s Guide to Monterey Car Week


“Monterey Car Week”, “Monterey”, “Pebble Beach Automobile Week”… whatever you call it, there is no doubt that it should be part of any car enthusiast’s bucket list. From phenomenal gatherings, incredible vintage or the most cutting-edge and exotic concepts, this week stacked with automotive events is a must for anyone. And, with so much going on, it is very likely you can’t see it all and will miss something. Given that, this guide from Audi Club North America is intentionally assembled to draw your attention to the Audi-specific content we know to be going down at various events.

With so much going on, this list likely won’t include everything, but we’ve had our ears carefully to the ground and think we know most of what’s going on. What we know is summarized below.

Though referred to as a “week”, only the most ardent head into the Monterey area at the very beginning for the Rolex Pre-Reunion at Laguna Seca. The main cluster of events begin Tuesday (August 16), and by the following weekend there is simply too much to see in one visit. We find the most comprehensive, but not conclusive, listing to be on the local tourism site  Beyond that, here’s a summary of events on the calendar followed by Audi-specific places and times you won’t want to miss.


Automobilia Monterey (Aug 15, 16, 17)
This event is more about car stuff than cars themselves. Model cars, clothing, artwork, posters, catalogues, books and more are offered by a wide range of vendors from Monday to Wednesday inside the ballroom at the Embassy Suites in Seaside, CA. While there’s no specific Audi presence here, we regularly find cool Audi and Auto Union brand focused automobilia in the mix. More Information HERE.

The Little Car Show (Aug 17)
Held in downtown Pacific Grove, this show says what it is in its name. Though no Audi specific presence is confirmed at this time, it has been known to attract the likes of small NSU and DKW models in the past. More information HERE.

Hagerty Motorlux (Aug 17)
Held at the Monterey Jet Center, this event is effectively the kick-off for car week, blending aviation and culinary culture with cars. More information HERE.


Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion (Aug 17, 18, 19, 20)
One of the anchor events of Monterey Car Week, the Rolex Reunion offers an incredible mix of vintage motorsport competition and events, and it also includes notable Audi-specific elements. Audi itself will display Ken Block’s S1 Hoonitron and 1987 Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 Pike’s Peak at the track on August 20 when Audi Club will also have a designated parking corral. The 24 Hours of Le Mans will be a further highlight of this year’s event, and we’ve confirmed both Audi Sport Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen and a Le Mans winning R8 LMP1 will also be part of this programming. A perusal of the participant list shows two entries of interest in the various classes, including Travis Engen with his 2005 Audi R8 LMP in the Le Mans Prototypes (1981-2005) Group 10, and also Steve Walker with his 1970 NSU TT in the (1955-1969) Saloon Group 11. Finally, there will also be a RADwood in the Paddock event on Friday as well. More information HERE.


Legends of the Autobahn
This all-German marque concours presented by Audi Club North America, BMW Car Club of America and Mercedes-Benz Club of America is definitely one not to miss. The club nature of the event offers the opportunity for normal members and owners to actively participate in a concours competition. It always invites a mix of classic and modern Audi models, and this year will be augmented through support from Audi and Audi Tradition by including four cars, an Audi RS e-tron GT, plus three notable vintage racecars including a 1984 Audi quattro A2 Group B rally car, 1988 Audi 200 Trans-Am and 1989 Audi 90 IMSA-GTO. We’ve also heard from Hoonigan’s Brian Scotto that his black Audi RS2 Avant will also be on display. More information HERE.


The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering
One of the most prestigious events during Monterey Car Week is The Quail. Tickets are both expensive and hard to get, but inside you’ll find the most exotic vendors, manufacturers and incredible food. Amongst the brands on display will be Audi, including its three sphere concept vehicles: Audi skysphere, grandsphere and urbansphere. More information HERE.

Concours d’LeMons
Just in case you think all of the prestigiousness and exoticism on display at Monterey meant the hobby was taking itself too seriously, the 23 Hours of Lemons racing series hosts its own concours welcoming the less conventional and more obscure, not to mention cool vendors and a great time. While no specific Audi presence is planned, the last time we attended we saw an Auto Union 1000 SP and picked up obscure Audi automobilia in the vendors, so it’s clear you never know what you will find there. More information HERE.


Exotics on Broadway
The focus on EOB is super cars, hyper cars and exotic cars, making for a younger open vibe in the center of Seaside. It’s a favorite of the luxury exotic rally set, and Audi R8s are popular amongst the vehicles displayed. More information HERE.


Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
The other main anchor event of the week closes it out, and that is the iconic Pebble Beach Concours. Audi will be part of the event, with its Grand sphere concept on display as part of the “concept lawn” placed on Pebble Beach’s practice putting green, right next to their pro shop. Even if you don’t have tickets to the concours, you’ll be able to access this part of the Pebble Beach area, so it’s worth checking out.

Schedule of Audi-Specific Events

08.18.2022 Thursday

8AM – 3PM — Legends of the Autobahn (LOTA) Pacific Grove Golf Links (quattro A2, 90 IMSA, 200 Trans-Am, RS e-tron GT)
      8AM – 10AM — Legends – Breakfast
      7AM – 9AM — Legends – Judged & Display Cars Placed
      9AM — Legends Open to Spectators
      11:30 – 1:30 — Legends – Lunch
      1:30 – 3:30 — Legends – Awards Ceremony

8:30 – 6PM — Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, Laguna Seca
      2:00 – 2:45 — Rolex Group 9 Le Mans Legends Exhibition (R8?, Tom Kristensen?) On Track
      2:55-3:20 — Rolex Group 10 Le Mans Prototypes (R8 LMP) On Track Qualifying
      3:30-3:55 — Rolex Group 11 Saloon (NSU TT) On Track Qualifying


08.19.2022 Friday

9AM – 10AM — Pebble Beach Forum – Le Mans Legends (Kristensen, Ickx, St. James, Mass, Pescarolo, Bell)

10AM – 4PM — The Quail a Motorsports Gathering, Quail Lodge & Golf Club (Audi concepts – urban sphere, sky sphere, grand sphere)

8:30 – 6PM — Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, Laguna Seca
      1:50 – 2:15 — Rolex Group 9 Le Mans Legends Exhibition (R8?, Tom Kristensen?) On Track
      2:25-2:50 — Rolex Group 10 Le Mans Prototypes (R8 LMP) On Track Qualifying Race
      3:00-3:25 — Rolex Group 11 Saloon (NSU TT) On Track Qualifying
      5PM – 8PM — RADwood in the Paddock, Laguna Seca Raceway


08.20.2022 Saturday

8AM – 1PM — Concours d’LeMons, Seaside City Hall, 440 Harcourt Ave, Seaside, CA

8:30 – 6PM — Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, Laguna Seca
      12:00-12:30 — Rolex Meet the Legends of Le Mans – Paddock Stage (Kristensen?)
      12:45 – 1:15 — Rolex – Audi Reveal at Laguna Seca (S1 Hoonitron, Sport quattro S1 Pikes Peak)
      1:30-2PM — Rolex Le Mans Legends Autograph Session – Paddock Stage (Kristensen?)
      1:30 – 2:15 — Rolex Audi e-tron on Track Time
      2PM – 2:25 — Rolex Group 9 Le Mans Legends Exhibition (R8?, Tom Kristensen?) On Track
      2:35-3PM — Rolex Group 10 Le Mans Prototypes (R8 LMP) On Track Qualifying Race
      3:20-3:45 — Rolex Group 11 Saloon (NSU TT) On Track Qualifying
      5PM – 6PM — Rolex Audi e-tron on Track Time
      5:40-6:40 — Rolex Audi Media Laps

4PM – 9PM — Exotics on Broadway, 580 Broadway Ave, Seaside, CA 93955


08.21.2022 Sunday

10:30-5PM — Pebble Bach Concours d’Elegance (Audi grand sphere concept)