Someone Will Win This Scalextric Slot Car Track With Audi R8 Police Car and Mouton/Pons’ 1981 Audi quattro

Oh boy…I think this is the coolest Audi Club Sweepstakes promotion we’ve done yet. We’ve given away 1:18 scale models, stickers, canvas prints but never something like this. This is a Scalextric Le Mans slot car track with two awesome 1/32 scale cars that didn’t originally come with the set: an Audi R8 police car with working lights and limited edition Michele Mouton/Fabrizia Pons’ 1981 Audi quattro. We scoured the internet for these Audi models; the Mouton quattro is in fact out of production. If you aren’t familiar with Scalextric, they bring the thrill of motorsports right into your living room with detailed 1/32 scale slot cars such as those above. It’s the ultimate motor racing system for ALL ages whether you are a beginner or rediscovering your childhood dreams of being a race car driver. The Audi quattro rallye’s livery is patterned after Michele Mouton/Fabrizia Pons’ 1981 Audi quattro in the Tour de Corse. Its green/yellow/black livery is definitely different from the one we’re so used to seeing. This was a limited run out of Europe and no longer in production. The Audi R8 police car is not your average police cruiser; any criminal would think twice about trying to run from it. It comes in the classic black and white livery with a siren and working lights. This model is also out of production but you can find it on sites like eBay. The Le Mans track from Scalextric has up to 4 configurations and comes with 2 generic race cars and 2 wired controllers. What’s great about these kits is that you can add on additional sections for a longer track. Added bonus from us are the two Audi models! It’s going to be very tempting for us in the office to race these but we aren’t going to. However, YOU could race them if you are chosen as the lucky winner of this promotional giveaway. It’s going to be a tough week for us. Why a week? Let me explain the rules for this giveaway:
  • Starting today,Thursday February 10, any purchase of entries in the Audi Club 1985 Audi ur-quattro Sweepstakes will automatically be entered for this Scalextric slot track with 1/32 scale Audi quattro rally and Audi R8 police car (plus the 2 models included with the set). You don’t have to do anything else.
  • The giveaway period will end Thursday, February 17 11:59PM Eastern
  • Since the sweepstakes is only available in the United States and Canada (with the exception of Quebec), the giveaway will also be available to just those areas.
  • One name will be randomly drawn on Friday, February 18th and we will notify the winner at that time
Good luck everyone! I can hear Michele exclaim Mon Dieu! C’est la rozzers as you chase her quattro through the curves in the Audi R8 police cruiser. If you want a closeup of the actual 1985 Audi ur-quatttro prize, check out the microsite for it HERE. Enter the Sweepstakes HERE