Audi Club Auction Watch: 02.22.2024

Words: Steve Johnson

Greetings and salutations Audi enthusiasts.  Thank you for checking out another edition of Auction Watch where we’ve done the internet searching for you.  We’ve checked multiple car auction sites looking for Audi models worthy of your bids.  Each Thursday we post those listings calling out a car’s highlights, and include a few pictures and a link to the listing.  Our goal is to help you find the Audi that you’re looking for in time for you to bid on it.  Without further ado, here is this week’s listing overview.

Last week almost every car was modified to some degree.  But this week there is about a 50/50 split between more everyday cars and those that decidedly lean toward a spirited driving style.  On the practical side there is an A3 TDI, two older A4s, a Q5 TDI, two Q7s both newer and older, and a D3-gen A8 L.  If a spirited ride is what you seek there are two RS 6 Avants, the first iteration of the R8 GT in coupe body style, an R8 V10 Spyder, a classy Daytona Gray S7, and a beautiful Misano Red S5 coupe.  On the border between spirited and practical are two TTs in roadster and coupe body styles.  And did you know an RS 7 was an excellent daily?  That would make it practical and sporty.  Please check these and the rest of this week’s listing below.  Thanks again for reading!

2007 Audi A4 (23,000 Miles)

cars & bids – 02.22.2024 2:06 PM EST

Bid quickly, auction ends early this PM!  No Reserve.  This is basic Audi transportation: a front-wheel drive, 2.0L I4 (200HP/207 lb-ft) with a 6-speed Tiptronic.  A Florida car that saw little use over the years brought to market with new front tires, front and rear shocks, and a battery.  The selling dealer reports the roof and passenger’s side front fender were recently repainted but Carfax reports no accidents or damage.

2013 Audi A3 TDI (41,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.22.2024 3:01 PM EST

Bid quickly, auction ends mid PM!  No Reserve.  Looks like a perfect new daily driver to me.  It’s not black, that’s Deep Sea Blue pearl with a rear wiper block-off plate and a de-badged tailgate.  Inside the black interior are leather seats and a 10-speaker Audi Concert sound system with Bluetooth connectivity.  Under the hood there’s a 2.0L turbodiesel I4, Audi rated at 140HP/236 lb-ft, fitted with an aftermarket intake, Dieselgate recall done, and mated to a 6-speed S tronic.  Carfax reports an accident in June 2014 with damage to the front and right front, vehicle towed, but no further details.

2015 Audi Q7 S line (46,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.22.2024 3:25 PM EST

Bid quickly, auction ends mid PM!  Need a larger daily driver?  The Prestige trim-level full-size SUV looks to have plenty of cargo space.  This one is black over a black interior with heated and ventilated leather front seats, heated rear seats, Audi MMI infotainment, and 14-speaker Bose surround sound.  It’s also optioned with adjustable air suspension and a trailer hitch.  The supercharged 3.0L V6 (333HP/325 lb-ft) pairs with an 8-speed Tiptronic.  Minor damage to the front is listed in a November 2019 entry on the Carfax report.

2012 Audi R8 GT Coupe (8,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.23.2024 2:30 PM EST

One owner!  This is GT coupe #223 of 333 examples made, 90 of which were designated for the US market.  It is painted Ice Silver metallic with carbon Sigma side blades over a black interior with leather/Alcantara seats with Titanium Gray stitching, Alcantara headliner, and Audi navigation.  In GT spec the 5.2L V10 is factory rated at 560HP/398 lb-ft and it spins a 6-speed R tronic.  The Carfax report is clean.

2002 Audi TT Roadster (58,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.23.2024 3:02 PM EST

No Reserve.  Another one owner car!  This droptop is Nimbus Gray pearl with a black soft top over a black interior with leather seats and an optional Audio package.  The 1.8L I4 had its timing belt and water pump replaced in 2019 per the Carfax report but since 2022 per the listing.  It also has a Jetex aftermarket exhaust.  A 6-speed manual and Haldex drive puts the 225HP/207 lb-ft of power to the ground.  Carfax reports no accidents or damage.

2014 Audi S5 Coupe (49,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.24.2024 1:36 PM EST

This coupe is finished in beautiful Misano Red pearl with Black Optics and an aftermarket RS-style grille over black Nappa leather seats, Carbon Atlas trim, updated Audi MMI navigation, and B&O sound.  The supercharged 3.0L V6 inhales through an APR open intake and back tube and exhales through an AWE Touring Edition exhaust.  Other mods include 20″ BC Forged RZ05 wheels, Bilstein B16 PSS10 suspension components, and a Deval carbon fiber rear diffuser.  The Carfax report is clean but the seller notes a slow leak from the right-rear tire.  OBTW, red cars are faster!

2000 Audi TT Coupe (37,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.24.2024 2:08 PM EST

Only one owner for this Denim Blue pearl early Mark I but the years haven’t been kind to it.  The Aviator Gray Valcona leather front seats look good but the back seats and trunk have water stains and look abused.  Please read the listing and look at the pictures carefully.  In March 2021 the turbocharged 1.8L I4 (180HP/173 lb-ft) had a coolant flush and the timing belt, belt damper, and water pump replaced.  It spins a 5-speed manual.  Carfax reports no accidents or damage but there is a ding on the right A-pillar you can see in the photos.

2006 Audi A8 L (64,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.24.2024 2:38 PM EST

No Reserve.  This color is named Platinum Beige Pearl Effect and it’s over a beige interior with Valcona leather seats, wood veneer trim, 12-speaker Bose sound, a glove box-mounted 6-disc CD changer, and navigation.  The 4.2L V8 under the hood is Audi rated at 335HP/317 lb-ft and connects to a 6-speed Tiptronic.  Carfax reports no accidents or damage but paint blemishes are present on the rear bumper cover’s right corner and there’s condensation inside the right reverse light assembly.

2001 Audi A4 2.8 (140,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.24.2024 3:04 PM EST

No Reserve.  A 2.8L V6 with five valves per cylinder that Audi rated at 190HP/207 lb-ft powers this classic sedan.  A 5-speed manual completes the drivetrain.  The exterior is Light Silver metallic that’s had front and rear bumper covers repainted and touch-up paintwork on various panels.  The black interior has leather seats, woodgrain trim, a new headliner, and an Audi Symphony AM/FM/cassette stereo with a trunk-mounted CD changer.  The seller reports replacing inner and outer tie rods and front subframe components presumably to fix the front alignment failure noted in the Carfax report entry in January 2024.  Carfax also reports minor damage to the front-right in November 2017.

2017 Audi R8 V10 Spyder (43,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.24.2024 3:32 PM EST

This Mythos Black metallic painted, carbon fiber Sigma side bladed, and Express Red Nappa leather seated Spyder should look familiar to regular Auction Watch readers.  It listed on BaT in October 2023 and sold for $112K.  Since its purchase, it has been modified with R8 GT coilovers, VF Engineering engine management software, a replacement exhaust, and Apple CarPlay connectivity was added.  The new owner only put about 500 miles on the clock and the Carfax report is still clean.

2013 Audi S7 (45,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.24.2024 4:04 PM EST

A one owner, California car in Prestige trim, this Sportback is listed as gray, looks like Daytona Gray pearl, and it has paint protection film applied to the front of the car.  That’s over a black interior with Valcona leather heated/ventilated/massage front seats, carbon fiber trim, and Bose sound.  The twin-turbo 4.0L V8 is Audi rated at 420HP/406 lb-ft and pairs with a 7-speed S tronic.  Carfax reports no accidents or damage.

2020 Audi Q7 Progressiv 55 (117,000 Kilometers)

cars & bids – 02.26.2024 2:40 PM EST

A resident of Ontario, Canada, this Orca Black family hauler packs a 3.0L turbocharged V6 under its hood that combines with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system to develop 335HP/369 lb-ft.  An 8-speed Tiptronic spins the quattro drive.  Inside the spacious black cabin you’ll find a Driver Assistance package, heated/ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, and wood trim.  Carfax reports damage in January 2022 that cost CAD $3,736 to repair and there are 2018 date codes on the tires.

2021 Audi RS 6 Avant (18,000 Miles)

cars & bids – 02.26.2024 4:25 PM EST

This long roof in Navarra Blue metallic with a Black Optic package is wearing paint protection film on its front end and has tinted windows.  The black interior has contrasting Cognac heated/ventilated front RS sport seats and Cognac rear seats, Executive and Driver Assistance packages, a panoramic sunroof, carbon twill structure inlays, and B&O 3D sound.  Drivetrain: a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 Audi rated at 591HP/590 lb-ft mated to an 8-speed Tiptronic.  Mechanical mods are RedStar resonator delete and GhostLinks lowering links.  A set of 21” MSW wheels, winter tires, and removed OEM parts are included.  The Carfax report is clean.

2021 Audi RS 6 Avant (12,000 Miles)

Bring a Trailer – 02.27.2024 1:27 PM EST

I think this long roof is spec’d the same as the above with the exception of the color scheme, this one is finished in Nardo Gray with Carbon Optic Package over an all-black interior.  I’m not sure about pairing gray with gold-finished 22″ ANRKY wheels though.  But as Dalton said in Roadhouse, “Opinions vary.”  It too rides on lowered air suspension but no details are listed.  No word on if the OEM wheels are included in the sale.  The selling dealer notes the hood is repainted but Carfax reports no accidents or damage.

2015 Audi RS 5 Coupe (76,000 Miles)

cars & bids – 02.27.2024 2:54 PM EST

Owner #2 must have driven this car for a living – more than 53,000 miles in just over 2 years!  This Daytona Gray pearl with Black Optics Plus package and tinted windows must need tires by now.  The black interior has Fine Nappa leather seats, a Technology package, and carbon fiber trim.  The chassis is suspended by aftermarket lowering springs and rolls on 20” Zito wheels.  The N/A 4.2L V8 (450HP/317 lb-ft) has a good service history as reported by Carfax, but it did sustain minor damage to the front in July 2017.  The seller reports a diagnostic trouble code reportedly due to an adaptive headlights failure.

2017 Audi SQ5 (91,000 Miles)

cars & bids – 02.27.2024 4:11 PM EST

You’d assume this Monsoon Gray metallic SUV was practical and just wearing 22” aftermarket wheels for looks…until you opened the hood to see the Integrated Engineering intake kit.  That’s the obvious mod, the JHM 187mm supercharger pulley and heat exchanger and United Motorsport tune further enhance the 3.0L supercharged V6.  It also rides on KW coilovers.  The seller reports the rear hatch and roof were repainted and the windshield replaced due to a carwash malfunction incident; these aren’t reflected in the clean Carfax.

2014 Audi Q5 TDI (121,000 Miles)

cars & bids – 02.28.2024 2:33 PM EST

No Reserve.  This is definitely a practical car: Prestige trim-level, has winter and summer wheels, and it’s not pristine so you can daily it.  Moonlight Blue metallic outside, Pistachio Beige seats/door panels and light brown (?) inside, it has a fair few wear marks that reflect the mileage.  The dirty 3.0L V6 turbodiesel under the hood is factory rated at 240HP/428 lb-ft and connects to an 8-speed Tiptronic.   It even has a trailer hitch.  Carfax reports a good service history and no accidents or damage.

2014 Audi RS 7 (75,000 Miles)

cars & bids – 02.28.2024 4:11 PM EST

Doug DeMuro says, “the RS 7 is an excellent daily driver.”  I guess that makes this Phantom Black pearl sportback with a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 that puts 560HP/516 lb-ft into an 8-speed Tiptronic a practical car.  It’s unmodified and has a black interior with leather S sports seats with honeycomb stitching, carbon fiber trim, Night Vision Assistance, adaptive cruise control, and B&O sound.  Carfax reports minor damage to the rear in March 2014 and a good service history.